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Shabbat Services

Communal worship and personal prayer are at the core of our congregational life. Recognizing this, we offer Shabbat services at both our Glazer Campus and at the Audrey and Sydney Irmas Campus. Whether you are drawn by song and celebration or are looking for reflection and meditation, we invite you to explore our service and worship opportunities.  

 Worship Calendar 


Kabbalat Shabbat (Friday Evening Services)

Join the congregation in Kabbalat Shabbat, the Friday evening service that welcomes Shabbat with prayer, song, and reflection. The Kaddish list will be read aloud. Learn more >

Nefesh: Food for the Soul

Join Rabbi Susan Goldberg, Duvid Swirsky of Moshav Band, singer-songwriter Sally Dworksy, and other gifted musicians for a moving musical Shabbat service. Give your soul the chance to fill up and renew. Stay after the service for Oneg Shabbat! 
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Salon Shabbat

There are many ways to be Jewish. Join us for occasional Shabbats with special themes of popular culture, history, current events. Learn more >

Shabba Dabba!

This new, soulful monthly participatory musical service on the first Friday of every month, brings all families of the WBT community together and is a great way to invite new friends to meet us. Stay for pizza and potluck; bring your favorite dairy or vegetarian sides to add to the feast. 
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Soul Sounds Shabbat (Musical Shabbat Celebration)

Soul Sounds opens the doors to contemporary worship through musical presentation and congregational singing. Keyboard, percussion, electric guitars , violin and cello fill the chapel with a rich, vibrant resonance—all blending with Cantor Gurney to create what is now the Soul Sounds trademark. This is a worship experience for all ages. 
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Shabbat Shacharit (Saturday Morning Service)

Join the congregation in Shabbat Shacharit Services with prayer, song and reflection. Celebrate with bar and bat mitzvah students chanting Torah. Rabbis and Cantors enhance the morning with study and music. The Kaddish list will be read aloud. 
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Shabbat Torah Study and Kaddish for Yahrzeit

Our ancestors engaged, questioned and wrestled with morality, family strife, community values and God’s presence, just as we do today. These precious insights are recorded in the Torah—the greatest of all literature. Join our rabbis, cantors and teachers in this weekly exploration of the words, phrases, concepts and beliefs of our tradition. 
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Tot Shabbat (Family Shabbat Service)

Tot Shabbat is geared towards families with young children who wish to come and capture that special Shabbat feeling! Stories, dance, music and art projects will be a part of the morning experience. The Tot Shabbat program welcomes all children up to age five and their families. 
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