With offerings from cultural events and Jewish learning to emotional support and enriching travel experiences, Wilshire Boulevard Temple has programs for every age and interest.

We provide a variety of program opportunities that encompass life’s diversity and many needs. They recognize the essential history and traditions of Jewish practice, yet are progressive in outlook.

Programs range from events that recognize life’s changing cycles to opportunities for fulfilling or obligation to improve our world—tikkun olam. They include support for challenging life transitions, stimulating learning of our sacred mission, social action opportunities to help those in our community and neighborhood, cultural and social events.


We enhance Jewish learning for adults via traditional classes, unique dialogues, workshops, home and camp and Shabbat experiences.

Our Jewish learning opportunities value intellectual inquiry and expression in both secular and religious aspects of our tradition. We study the social and spiritual dimensions of Jewish history and culture, the religious and political significance of Reform Judaism, the State of Israel and the unity of Klal Israel—the entire Jewish people.

Expand your mind with our lectures, performances and play readings and get to know your fellow congregants in an enjoyable class or workshop—there's something that's right for YOU!

Our engaging Experience Brochure includes all of the Temple's upcoming classes and events.


Welcome to “ADULT LIVING,” a series of programs created especially for you—the grown-ups. We hope that you will include Wilshire Boulevard Temple in your busy schedules, as a place to both enjoy and enrich your lives.

We offer lectures, films, Shabbat dinners, a gourmet Pesach seder, panels, performances, concerts, poetry readings, and other Jewish cultural and social activities. There are many ways to be Jewish and it is our intention to help you find the ways that speak to you.

Read our engaging Experience Brochure of program opportunities that includes all of the Temple's upcoming classes and events. We strongly encourage you to participate in some or all of these wonderful opportunities, and we look forward to meeting you in person.

Please remember that an RSVP is required for all events.



Visit our Calendar of Events to review upcoming programs.



More information:
Susan Nanus, Director of Adult Programs

The Maccabeats perform in Piness Auditorium     Joshua Nelson performs his "Kosher Gospel" in Piness Auditorium


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