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Message from the Head of Religious School

The Wilshire Boulevard Temple Religious School believes Judaism is joyous and attempts to make our school both a place of learning and a place of fun. We want our students to love learning, and to have a good time doing just that. We expect them to learn something new every time they walk into the building, and our goal is to teach them in an engaging, enjoyable way. 

We believe our parents are our partners in the process, and we depend upon you for supporting what it is we are trying to teach. To that end, we send home weekly emails from the teachers, describing what is taught in class, and we have sent home each grade’s curriculum. Most importantly, we depend on you for making attendance a priority for your child, and ask that whenever possible your child remain in school for the entire class session. 

We believe that students who go through school alone—with no friends here—will quit as soon as they are able. To create a sense of connection, we want our students to share the religious school experience with friends. We encourage friendships, and send home class rosters so you can set up play dates with and for your children. Doing school with friends makes this their place, and they are likely to remain through high school graduation if they go through our program with friends. 

High school graduation reminds me that our school is not about merely training children to become b’nei mitzvah. We have a curriculum that teaches so much more—and goes beyond, with a complete range of programs for students from kindergarten through Grade 12. 

We will teach your child skills and facts, but we are about so much more than that. We are about Jewish values. We want to help your child understand that as Jews we believe we are partners with God, that each person is created b’tzelem Elohim (in the Image of God), that Judaism teaches us there is a purpose to our lives and that each of us has a responsibility to leave the world better a place. We will teach our students about empathy—about caring for the “other” or the stranger—remembering that each of us were strangers in Egypt, strangers in a strange land.

The task is huge, and we welcome your input, your questions, your participation and your feedback. We care greatly about how you feel things are going and we want to hear from you. 

Rabbi Bruce Raff
Head of Religious School

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