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Staff Directory


Executive Director

Donna Nadel, Executive Director (424) 208-8962

Edna Gonzalez, Assistant to the Executive Director 
(213) 835-2129

Denise Magilnick, Executive Assistant (424) 208-8930

Douglas Lynn, Associate Executive Director and Director of Camps (213) 835-2141


Karim Merzian, Chief Financial Officer (213) 835-2179

Galina Shterenberg, Controller (213) 835-2137

Communications and Marketing

Don Levy, Director 
(213) 835-2140


Cheri Lauterbach, Institutional Advancement Officer 
(213) 835-2135

Alison Gettleson, Donor Relations Manager 
(213) 835-2153

Human Resources

Cheryl Sanders, Director of Human Resources 
(213) 835-2147

Monica Sierra, Administrative Assistant (213) 835-2166


Jodi Berman, Director of Engagement and Leadership 
(424) 208-8970

Randall Fried, Director of Membership Engagement 
(213) 835-2132

Cheryl Mandel Garland, Planning and Events Manager (213) 835-2167

Safety, Security, and Facilities

Cory Wenter, Director 
(424) 208-8933

Daniel Urquiza, Safety and Security Manager
(213) 835-2126)

Temple Sanctuary Tours

Nan Goodman, Docent, Historian and Archivist 
(213) 835-2195


Rabbi Steven Leder, Senior Rabbi

Samantha Rosen, Assistant to Rabbi Leder (213) 835-2121

Rabbi Elissa Ben-Naim

Brawerman Elementary School West (424) 208-8934

Rabbi David Eshel

Denise Magilnick, Assistant (424) 208-8930

Rabbi M. Beaumont Shapiro

Denise Magilnick, Assistant (424) 208-8930

Rabbi Susan Goldberg

Ashley Sullivan, Assistant (213) 835-2146 

Rabbi Susan Nanus, Director of Adult Programs

Hannah Gole, Assistant (424) 208-8932

Cantor Don Gurney

Jesica Ryzenberg, Assistant (213) 835-2124

Cantor Lisa Peicott

Jesica Ryzenberg, Assistant (213) 835-2124

Rabbi Aviva Funke

Brawerman Elementary School East (213) 835-2152



Cheri Lauterbach, Institutional Advancement Officer (213) 835-2135

Alison Gettleson, Donor Relations Manager (213) 835-2153



Jodi Berman, Director of Engagement and Leadership (424) 208-8970

Hannah Gole, Assistant (424) 208-8932

Randall Fried, Director of Membership Engagement (213) 835-2132

Cristina Mauro, Membership/ Development Associate (213) 835-2142

Catering and Space Rentals

Catering and Space Rentals

Cheryl Mandel Garland, Planning and Events Manager (213) 835-2167

John Bard, Catering Director (310) 384-2827

Schools and Camps

Early Childhood Centers

Carol Bovill, Director (424) 208-8904 

Fredda Lowenstein, Associate Director (424) 208-8922

Floryn Rosenberg, Site Director (213) 835-2197 - Erika J. Glazer  

Laurie Gregory, Operations Manager (424) 208-8942 - Mann Family

Sydney Spiegel, Operations Manager (213) 835-2158 - Erika J. Glazer

Brawerman Elementary School

Brandon Cohen, Head of Elementary School (424) 208-8941 

Nadine Zysman, Principal (213) 835-8961 - Brawerman West

Yolanda Ornelas, Senior Operations Manager (424) 208-8923 - Brawerman West

Tamara Miller, Principal (213) 835-2172 - Brawerman East 

Erin Jacobs, Operations Manager (213) 835-2170 - Brawerman East

Religious School

Cathy Gordon, Head of Religious School (424) 208-8960

Rachel Waltuch, Associate Director (424) 208-8913

Lisa Alpern, Associate Director, Director of B'Nei Mitzvah (424) 208-8971 

Amanda Pleau, Operations Manager (424) 208-8906

Wilshire Boulevard Temple Camps

Douglas Lynn, Director (213) 835-2141

Seth Toybes, Associate Director (213) 835-2148

Erica Feinman, Assistant Director (213) 835-2145 

Ari Kaplan, Assistant Director (213) 835-2130

Board of Trustees

President Alberto Valner
Vice President Dena Bloom
Vice President Brian Shirken
Secretary Scott Edelman
Treasurer Simon Furie
Immediate Past President Rick Powell


Board Members:

Ronn Davids
Deborah Dragon
Jim Hyman
Rebecca Jonah
Skip Kessler
Fred Kunik 
Caroline Kuperstock
Brian Milder
Bruce Rosenblum
Toni Schulman
Reagan Silber


Counsel to the Board David Wimmer
Honorary Board Members

Lionel Bell
Howard M. Bernstein
Audrey Irmas
Julie Miller
Richard Pachulski

Campus Locations and Main Numbers

Erika J. Glazer Family Campus

3663 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90010
(213) 388-2401
fax (213) 487-3145

Audrey and Sydney Irmas Campus

11661 W. Olympic Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90064
(213) 388-2401

Wilshire Boulevard Temple Camps
and Steve Breuer Conference Center


Summer Address
11495 E Pacific Coast Hwy 
Malibu, CA 90265
Camp Hess Kramer
(310) 457-7861
Gindling Hilltop Camp
(310) 457-9617

Winter Address
3663 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90010
(213) 835-2196
Fax: (213) 388-2595

Maps and Directions

Glazer Campus Map

Pedestrian and Parking Entrance is located on HOBART Boulevard near 6th Street. 

Irmas Campus Map

Enter from Barrington Avenue


See for maps and driving directions