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His Only Chance For Survival

Wilshire Boulevard Temple is proud to help the Shademan family with their search for a match.  They need help for their son, 10 year old Elan Shademan, who was recently diagnosed with leukemia.  His only chance for survival is a bone marrow/stem cell transplant. As such, they are in a desperate search for a bone marrow match for Elan. Elan's family has been searching for a match for 4 months with no luck and are running out of time. Elan has started chemotherapy and has only 3 weeks left to find a match, hence the urgency.

This is a complicated case as Elan has other genetic abnormalities including GATA 2, monosomy 7, and MSH6 deficiency further enhancing the dire need for stem cells. His background is half Ashkenazi Jewish and half Iranian Jewish. Ethnic background and ancestry play a role in DNA matching so anyone with Elan’s background may have a greater chance for matching with him. If you are not half Ashkenazi/half Iranian, there is still a chance that you can match with Elan, so please considering testing.

Gift Of Life has offered to compare people’s results directly to Elan's!

We would be so grateful if you could order a cheek swab kit to see if you are a match (especially if you are half Ashkenazi half Iranian).

Here is the link to order a cheek swab kit, it is free if you are between the ages of 18-35. Donors over the age of 35 are asked to offset the $60 laboratory fee associated with testing the kit:

Elan and his family thank you from the bottom of their hearts❤


If you have any questions, please contact Sydney Seehoff at

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And So It Goes...

Another summer season closes, camp laundry is done, and school has started. The lazy dog days of summer are ending and we are all returning to the hectic daily life of bogged-down schedules, homework, carpools, sports teams, theater, real-life drama, stresses big and small, and so forth. Although religious school may seem like just another place we have to be, it really is a place to escape all of that and connect with what is really important: friends, our own humanity, community, spirituality, values, fun, and balance.

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Two Kinds of Justice

Examining ourselves on the outside—searching for lumps and strange moles—can save our lives. What we don’t always realize is that looking ourselves over on the inside can save our marriages, families, friendships, souls, and spiritual lives. Hence this month’s first Torah portion with that famous repetition: tzedek, tzedek tirdof—justice, justice you shall pursue. Why this repetition?

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Women of Wilshire (WOW) Welcomes New Leadership

Cindy Feder and Marnie Bodek had a shared idea a few years back: that women over the age of 50 want to connect with new and old friends and that they’d like their lives to be enriched by intellectual, cultural, and social activities. With that, in September 2016, Women of Wilshire was born. Nearly three years, more than 50 programs, and hundreds of new friendships later, WOW is a thriving part of Wilshire Boulevard Temple. Here we introduce new leadership for the coming year of programming!

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