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"Restoring Tomorrow" on PBS December 8: A Filmmaker's journey

In a world so divided, we need to come together. I’ve witnessed something truly special during the journey with Restoring Tomorrow. In a time when we are so divided, we can rise above to what truly matters. The film and movement around it is one of hope, community, and unity. In a city full of Hollywood icons, the largest is one that I took for granted and nearly lost, our own Wilshire Boulevard Temple. And now, our journey will be on PBS December 8th. What an honor. 

Like many younger adults, I lost my connection with the place I grew up and with my religion and heritage. My place. My family’s place. In traveling around while making the film, I felt I was becoming something of a microcosm for my generation, as I came to reconnect with my roots and heritage. What I’ve seen going everywhere from Atlanta to New York to Toronto to New Zealand, is that Restoring Tomorrow connects others to their roots, whatever they may be, and leads others on their own movement to restore something meaningful to them. 

This journey continues to be special for the film and the movement, from a nationwide theatrical release to private screenings to appearing on media like CNN, Fox News, CBC and more. I heard from people all over the world, from Hawaii to Maine to Florida Australia to Great Britain. They were moved by OUR story and it is a testament to what true community means, that everyone can relate and feel motivated to do the same. 

In these turbulent times, on a much larger scale, this film is really all about connection, between the present, the past and into the future. The Temple’s restoration has dramatically demonstrated what every community can achieve, if we dig down deep and reconnect with who we are and what we stand for. I look forward to bringing this film and movement to PBS premiering Sunday evening, December 8th (check local listings for time). I’ll be co-hosting the annual PBS fundraising drive answering questions about the film, meeting new faces and continuing to spread the good word. Let’s continue to rise above to a place of hope. Much love to you all. 

- Aaron Wolf

"Restoring Tomorrow" is presented on PBS SoCal thanks to sponsorship from The Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles.

“We are proud to be a sponsor of the premiere PBS SoCal broadcast of Restoring Tomorrow, a fascinating documentary chronicling the restoration of Wilshire Boulevard Temple,” said Marvin I. Schotland, president and CEO of the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles. “The Foundation and Wilshire Boulevard Temple share a profound dedication to strengthening Jewish Los Angeles. The Temple is a pillar of our community, and the story of its restoration exemplifies what can be achieved with a keen understanding of the past and a deep commitment to a vibrant Jewish future.” Established in 1954, the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles manages more than $1 billion of assets entrusted to it by over 1,300 families, and ranks among the 10 largest Los Angeles foundations. To learn more, visit

Enriching–and Joyful–Intergenerational Visits

During their final year of nursery school, we provide the TK and DK children with opportunities to joyfully engage with elders in our L.A. Jewish community by going on three field trips during the months of November through February. This year, we are excited to partner with two new senior centers: our Mann Family ECC with the Los Angeles Jewish Home’s Eisenberg Village, a continuing-care retirement community, and our Glazer ECC with the Garden of Palms assisted-living center.

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Karsh Center Torah Study

Join Rabbi Nickerson as we explore Civic Engagement—what does the Torah say about our obligation to our community, to our neighbors, and to the institutions that make up what we think of as our home?

This second Karsh Center Torah Study session is at noon on Friday, December 6, to find out! You bring your lunch, we’ll bring drinks, dessert, and Torah.

Please RSVP to to let us know you’re coming!

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Chanukah Aglow Shabbat and Dinner, December 20!

On Friday, December 20, we will celebrate the miracle of the oil with a fried foods extravaganza dinner, games and activities for kids and adults, and conclude our evening with a fun and upbeat Shabbat service featuring a Chanukiah lighting, Chanukah Sing-Along led by Youth Choir, and a special celebration of December birthdays and anniversaries.

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Alumna Makes Her Way Back Home

When Haley Ginsberg walked into Brawerman this September on her first day of school as a faculty member, it was far from her first day on campus. In fact, this return to Brawerman took place one decade after her own Grade 6 graduation. Her homecoming signaled a remarkable milestone in Brawerman history: for the first time, a Brawerman alum has returned as a member of the faculty.

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Save the Dates, Come Celebrate, Enjoy

Our holiday celebrations and Celebration Shabbat can be respites from the harried and hurried jam-packed lives that we lead. They can be the closest we come to small-town experiences of communal enjoyment. Save the dates, plan with friends, attend, celebrate, and enjoy. These are the moments our kids will remember; these are what will form indelible associations between Judaism and joy for years to come. 

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