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Audrey Irmas Pavilion Donor Profile: Bunny Wasser and Howard Bernstein

To Bunny Wasser and Howard Bernstein, Wilshire Boulevard Temple is far more than a place of worship; it’s a gathering place, and it’s about community. Howard and his family joined the Temple in 1975, and in 1982 met Rabbi Harvey Fields, who changed Howard’s view and relationship with the Temple. In 1985 Howard became a member of the Temple Board, and in 1994 became its president.

“I was president when we bought the Irmas Campus property,” Howard related, “and it was during that period that I saw our ‘community’ come together and commit to the furtherance of the dream, which was led by Rabbi Fields. I recall telling the congregation as part of a Rosh HaShanah presidential message that it was our time to step up as members and support our dream of the Irmas Campus, in the same manner that those before us did in the 1920s, when they stepped up and built our beautiful synagogue.”

In August 1987, the night Betsy and Rabbi Steve Leder arrived in Los Angeles, they had dinner with Bunny and Howard, as well as Nadine and Steve Breuer, who was then Temple Executive Director. From that time forward, Bunny and Howard had two rabbis, Harvey and Steve. Of Rabbi Leder, Howard said, “When Steve shared his dream for the Temple Campus, I knew that it would be accomplished under his leadership. Steve knew it would be hard work, and I knew he would pull it off. I also knew that our community would join the dream and make it a reality, which they did, as we see today.

“When Steve told us about building the Audrey Irmas Pavilion, the final piece of the Glazer Campus,” Howard continued, “it was an easy decision for us to make to participate in its creation. Our feelings were the same as they had been years earlier: that we all owe it to those who came before us and created what they did for us, and to keep that dream alive for those who come after us, and become owners to this wonderful institution.”

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And So It Goes...

Another summer season closes, camp laundry is done, and school has started. The lazy dog days of summer are ending and we are all returning to the hectic daily life of bogged-down schedules, homework, carpools, sports teams, theater, real-life drama, stresses big and small, and so forth. Although religious school may seem like just another place we have to be, it really is a place to escape all of that and connect with what is really important: friends, our own humanity, community, spirituality, values, fun, and balance.

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Two Kinds of Justice

Examining ourselves on the outside—searching for lumps and strange moles—can save our lives. What we don’t always realize is that looking ourselves over on the inside can save our marriages, families, friendships, souls, and spiritual lives. Hence this month’s first Torah portion with that famous repetition: tzedek, tzedek tirdof—justice, justice you shall pursue. Why this repetition?

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Women of Wilshire (WOW) Welcomes New Leadership

Cindy Feder and Marnie Bodek had a shared idea a few years back: that women over the age of 50 want to connect with new and old friends and that they’d like their lives to be enriched by intellectual, cultural, and social activities. With that, in September 2016, Women of Wilshire was born. Nearly three years, more than 50 programs, and hundreds of new friendships later, WOW is a thriving part of Wilshire Boulevard Temple. Here we introduce new leadership for the coming year of programming!

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