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Go T.E.A.M.! (Together Everyone Achieves More!)

Let’s go Blaze! Brawerman students love to represent their school by playing on sports teams. The athletics program offers students in Grades 4, 5, and 6 the opportunity to learn new skills, stay physically fit, and be part of a team—all while having a blast with their friends. Coaches on both campuses focus on skill acquisition, team building, and character development through sports. Fittingly, the Blaze motto is T.E.A.M.—Together Everyone Achieves More.

At Brawerman West, more than 90 percent of eligible students participate in at least one sport. At Brawerman East, where all teams are coed, athletics draw nearly universal participation across the student body. Coaches on both campuses emphasize the importance of encouraging students to try new sports; they can join any team simply by signing up and committing to working hard.

t the twice weekly practices, kids develop athletic skills and learn to work with their teammates on shared goals. Competitions take place across the city as part of two interscholastic athletic leagues, which allows our students to meet and socialize with other L.A.-area kids. In addition to these regularly scheduled games, Brawerman students participate in special tournaments throughout the year.

There have been many highlights this year among the teams. “A highlight for all of us came at the end of this basketball season,” Coach Schapira said. “One student who had never played on a basketball team before and was very hesitant to shoot at the beginning of the season, scored two baskets in the final game. We were so proud that every one of our students scored a basket this season.”

Coach Uriah Goldfinger at Brawerman East also recounted an exciting basketball highlight from this year. “The best highlight this year came in the last second of overtime when Josh made a long jump shot to win the game.”


- Andrea Weinstein, Assistant Principal, Grade 3-6

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And So It Goes...

Another summer season closes, camp laundry is done, and school has started. The lazy dog days of summer are ending and we are all returning to the hectic daily life of bogged-down schedules, homework, carpools, sports teams, theater, real-life drama, stresses big and small, and so forth. Although religious school may seem like just another place we have to be, it really is a place to escape all of that and connect with what is really important: friends, our own humanity, community, spirituality, values, fun, and balance.

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Two Kinds of Justice

Examining ourselves on the outside—searching for lumps and strange moles—can save our lives. What we don’t always realize is that looking ourselves over on the inside can save our marriages, families, friendships, souls, and spiritual lives. Hence this month’s first Torah portion with that famous repetition: tzedek, tzedek tirdof—justice, justice you shall pursue. Why this repetition?

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Women of Wilshire (WOW) Welcomes New Leadership

Cindy Feder and Marnie Bodek had a shared idea a few years back: that women over the age of 50 want to connect with new and old friends and that they’d like their lives to be enriched by intellectual, cultural, and social activities. With that, in September 2016, Women of Wilshire was born. Nearly three years, more than 50 programs, and hundreds of new friendships later, WOW is a thriving part of Wilshire Boulevard Temple. Here we introduce new leadership for the coming year of programming!

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