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Purim with a Purpose, 2019: Matanot L’evyonim!

Purim with a Purpose is back, and this year, like last year, we are getting silly, celebrating, and creating a very special day of service and learning for our Religious School students. On Purim there is a mitzvah called matanot l’evyonim (gifts to the poor). In our city, we have a large community of people living below the poverty level. We are partnering with our very own Karsh Family Social Service Center to work to improve the lives of our underserved neighbors by creating three types of gift bundles: baby supplies, Mother’s Day pampering items, and kitchen essentials. 

As a family, you are asked to support Purim with a Purpose by sponsoring at least one of these gift bundles.

Sponsorship dollars raised by your donations help support Religious School programs and Karsh Center clientele. Each gift bundle costs $36. 

Save the dates for Purim with a Purpose: Sunday, March 10, at the Irmas Campus and Sunday, March 17, at the Glazer Campus (during regular Religious School hours). More information is available at 

B'nei Mitzvah in Israel and Purim with a Purpose

No words can describe the experience of sharing b’nei mitzvah in Israel with Wilshire Boulevard Temple students, their families, and Rabbi Eshel and his family. It was truly a special experience, and nine of the b’nei mitzvah student participants were from the Religious School! A big thank you to the Goldhirsh-Yellin Foundation, who provided a generous subsidy for all students having their Bar or Bat Mitzvah in Israel, in memory of Bernard and Wendy Goldhirsh. 

Community is everything, and with Purim with a Purpose just around the corner, I hope you will continue to help support our efforts to reach more families and provide them with opportunities to participate in all that this community has to offer. There is so much for everyone. Sponsor Purim and “Buy a Bundle!” Support religious school scholarships while at the same time supporting Karsh clientele. If every family sponsors at least one bundle for $36, we will reach our goal! More information is available at


- Cathy Gordon, Head of Religious School

2020 Census Opportunities

On March 12, the effort to count every resident in the United States will once again officially start, as Census responses are collected. For the first time, the Census will be almost entirely digital. Individuals who don’t have personal computer access are being directed to community spaces that will host kiosks to fill out the Census. The Karsh Family Social Service Center is proud to be a Census kiosk site this year, and from March 12 through the end of April, we will welcome our clients, neighbors in Koreatown, and members of the community at large to come make sure that they are counted. 

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Bundling Matanot L'evyonim

We are so proud of Jonas and Leni Schneider! Grade 7 Religious School students, the brother-and-sister duo shared their b’nei mitzvah February 1. 

Look at these incredible centerpieces from their celebration. All of the edible fresh fruits and vegetables were donated to the Karsh Center food pantry to be disbursed the Sunday morning following the Schneiders’ simchah. This is an important part of what we hope to teach our students. 

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Camp Kulam Day 2020!

Wilshire Boulevard Temple Camps believes that every child deserves a Jewish-camp experience. However, four years ago, we noticed that there wasn’t a local program that provided that life-changing experience to the special needs community of the greater Los Angeles area. We reached out to HaMercaz, a division of Jewish Family Service that works intimately in the special needs community, and started brainstorming about what kind of program could engage this community in a meaningful and affordable way. Fast-forward to today—we’re so excited to host our fourth-annual Camp Kulam on May 17, 2020, at the Temple’s Irmas Campus!

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Gala Thank Yous!

On February 1, our Erika J. Glazer and Mann Family Early Childhood Centers held their Annual Gala: After Hours @ Wilshire. All proceeds from this amazing night help support scholarships and enrichments for our Early Childhood Centers. We are all so fortunate to be part of such a committed, passionate, and generous community. It gave us great pride and joy to see our community of parents come together in support of our schools to benefit the scholarship fund and operating budget. 

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Finding Honor and Friendship in Israel

Our commitment to instilling the values of integrity, kindness, and honor come before anything we teach in a textbook. So, when we travel to Israel with our soon-to-be graduates, we’re more than happy to hear them recall historical facts they’ve acquired throughout their seven years at Brawerman. But the most profound and lasting impression they can make is when they put others first. Picking up a bag that was left behind, helping a classmate who loses their footing while hiking down Masada, making room for another seat at the breakfast or dinner table aren’t checklist items on a report card or a multiple-choice question on a standardized test, but they are what truly matters. 

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Gifts of Purim

The month of March contains one of the most enjoyable holidays of the year—Purim. While it is known for carnivals, costumes, and comedy, there are themes of the holiday that help move us beyond the joy of dressing up and acting silly. In addition to our tradition demanding that we celebrate the holiday with sometimes raucous behavior, there are two Purim mitzvot that touch on deeper values: Matanot l’evyonim is the commandment to give gifts to the poor, and mishlo-ach manot are the gifts, the packages of goodies, we give to our friends.

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The Karsh Center getting ready to distribute groceries

In our first week since the City’s "Safer at Home" policy took effect, the Karsh Family Social Service Center distributed food, diapers and personal hygiene products to over 600 families and individuals living in over 20 Los Angeles area zip codes. While "social distancing" limits many of the usual services offered at the Karsh Center, we can also still help many of our 30 social service collaborators provide some essential services remotely, such as mental health counseling, legal support, ESL classes, and census assistance for completing the form online.

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