Interior Sanctuary

Visit Our Historic Sanctuary

To ensure that everyone abides by our COVID-19 policies and procedures, please register ahead of time. Time slots are limited to 10 minutes and will be followed by a five-minute transition time before the next Temple member(s) will be permitted into the sanctuary. 

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The Sanctuary and Murals

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But it was the murals, the dome, and glass windows, that were the chief artistic beneficiaries. Years of dust and grime were removed, and the gilding was restored to its original luster. The result was a brilliance unseen for decades as faded colors were revived, enabling small details to shine like jewels.

At the dedication of the renovated building, Senior Rabbi Steve Leder put the project in its proper historical perspective.

“If history records that we have helped the next generation of American Jews approach the synagogue with a deeper sense of dignity and respect, we will have served God and the Torah well,” he said. “Like our ancestors who imagined and built it for us, we have done this not for ourselves but for the generations yet unborn. That is the essence of being a Jew and the essence of what it means to be truly great.”