Safety at Wilshire Boulevard Temple Schools: Coronavirus Action Plan

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From the Desk of Brandon Cohen

The pandemic is taking a toll on us and our neighbors. We have been isolated from our families and friends, commerce has slowed to a crawl, and we are all yearning to return to our schools, our workplaces, our restaurants, our salons, and our normal ways of engaging with our community. We seem to be inching in that direction but still have a long way to go. Amidst all of this, we are overwhelmed with news of injustices and inequities that still exist in our country and continue to fuel divisions among our local and national communities. 

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From the Desk of Brandon Cohen 

I hope that you and your family are well and weathering these days as smoothly as possible. I know this is an incredibly challenging time for most, and the COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything. We are all feeling enormous uncertainty, and for some, it has been particularly difficult. We have nonetheless pushed through this together, keeping our community strong and supporting one another through a challenging time. I am writing with several updates about the remainder of this school year and to share some information about the summer and fall.

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Below are the latest updates from Mayor Garcetti:

  • EMERGENCY SENIOR MEALS RESPONSE: Through a partnership with Everytable and Access Services, we will be providing additional healthy, made-from-scratch meals to the low-income seniors who need them. We will deliver twice as many meals a week to each senior we serve and to more than double the number of seniors that we are helping during this crisis. The only requirements to participate in this program is to be (1) a person of 60 years or older and (2) live in the City of Los Angeles. For seniors interested in participating, please call 213-263-5226, starting today between 9-5 pm. We have thousands of meals ready to be delivered to you or them.
  • RESEARCH PARTNERSHIP ON BLOOD TESTING FOR IMMUNITY: The Mayor announced a new partnership between the City and USC, County Dept of Public Health, Lieberman Research Worldwide, and collaborators at UCLA and Stanford that will address serology tests. These tests will help us understand how far the virus has spread, how fatal it is, how much of our population might be immune, and who is able to donate plasma to fuel treatments.  
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We will continue to keep you updated as we gain more information. As you are aware, the situation is continually changing. The leadership of the Temple, the Schools, and the Camps are creating protocols for the entire community to follow in the case of an outbreak in our area. We will keep you apprised.

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