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Temple Preparedness Documents

Safety at Wilshire Boulevard Temple: Coronavirus Action Plan

We will continue to keep you updated as we gain more information. As you are aware, the situation is continually changing. The leadership of the Temple, the Schools, and the Camps are creating protocols for the entire community to follow in the case of an outbreak in our area. We will keep you apprised.


Challah, Candles, and a Kiddish Cupo

As Shabbat approaches, let’s think about last week’s famous Torah portion when our ancestors fashioned and worshiped a golden calf--the false God they turned to out of panic--feeling leaderless and lost in the wilderness. In this week’s far less famous Torah portion those same people use gold again, but this time to create the mishkan--the first ever, portable synagogue; a staggeringly beautiful reminder of God’s presence they will carry with them throughout the rest of their desert wanderings. Last week gold resulted in idolatry born of fear, this week it creates a holy space for people to transcend their earthly concerns in order to commune with God. 

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Be Careful Where You Get Your News

Harvard Health Resource Center
"While no one source of information is perfect, some are undeniably better than others!" Harvard Health stated, and offered the following suggestion to visit websites that:

  • rely on experts who use well-accepted scientific analyses and publish their results in reputable medical journals
  • have a mission to inform and protect the public, such as the CDC and the WHO, which recently added a myth busters page to its information on 2019-nCoV
  • are not promoting or selling a product related to the information provided.

Other good online sources of information on the virus include: