Order an Emergency Supply Bag. Make a Plan. Be Prepared.

From wildfires, landslides, and power outages, to floods, droughts, and most of all earthquakes; we cannot be certain when we will face these disasters but we can be certain, without a doubt, that we will face them at some point. These disasters cannot be prevented or controlled but they can be prepared for. To help you, we have these two outstanding emergency kits available for sale.

Order an Emergency Supply Bag

The first 72 hours after a major emergency or disaster are critical. Electricity, gas, water, and telephones may not be working. In addition, public safety services such as police and fire departments will be busy handling serious crisis. You should be prepared to be self-sufficient - able to live without running water, electricity and/or gas, and telephones - for at least three days following a major emergency. This Ultimate GO-Bag provides a good start to your emergency supply preparations. Click here to download a comprehensive Home Emergency Supplies Checklist.

The Ultimate GO-Bag is fully stocked to include: 

25 ft rope (1), Water Bottle (1), Crank Radio (1), Burn Sheet (1), Orange Vest (1), Sleeping Mat (1), Cellphone Pouch (1), Paperwork Pouch (1), 4oz Water Pouches (10),  20 ct. Aqua Treatment Tabs (1), Toothbrush (2), Toothpaste (1), Dental Floss (1), Soap (1), Anti-bacterial Wipes 10pk (1), Wallet Tissues (2), Hand Warmers (4), Ear Plugs 2pk (2), Flashlight (1), Flashlight AA Battery (1), Multi-Tool (1), Tweezer/Magnifying Glass (1), Duct Tape (1), Waterproof Matches 40pk (1), Rain Poncho (2), Permanent Market (1), Work Gloves (1), Safety Vest (1), Safety Glasses (1), Bandaids (10), Alcohol Wipes (4), First Aid Ointment (4), Instant Ice Packs (2), Emergency Blanket (1), Emergency Sleeping Bag (1), Medical Gloves Size M (4), Medical Gloves Size XL (4), Triangular Bandages (3), Paper Surgical Tape (1), 4oz Eye Wash (1), N95 Mask (2)

To order your own GO-Bag, please click here or visit https://vlesdesigns.com/. Be sure to use the code PEC22 for 20% off.

Make a Plan

After you’ve purchased emergency kits for your home, vehicles, and workplace, the next step in getting prepared is making a family emergency plan. Fill out the information below, discuss it with your family, and keep a printed copy with each of your emergency kits. Be sure to update it annually.

Note: During emergencies, texts, emails, and some social media such as Twitter may be more reliable and faster forms of communication than a phone call.

You're Prepared!