European Jewish Journeys with Mike Hollader

Acclaimed Israeli Jewish educator and tour guide, Mike Hollander teaches and visually guides us through our Jewish heritage.

The Golden Age of Jewish Life in Spain: For centuries, the Jewish community of Spain was one the world's most significant. It's creative achievements in the arts, sciences, literature, medicine, diplomacy, etc. were unprecedented for a Diaspora community, largely because of the interaction and integration of the Jewish community in Muslim Spain. We will visit some of the more important Jewish centers, including Córdoba, birthplace of Maimonides, Granada, home of the beautiful Alhambra Palace, as well as the beautiful synagogues of Toledo.

MIKE HOLLANDER moved to Israel from Canada in 1990 where he qualified as a Licensed Tour Guide after completing the Ministry of Tourism Course in 1994. Since then, he has worked full time, lecturing, teaching courses, and taking people of all ages around Israel.




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