Mussar: The Practice of Self-Improvement with Rabbi Stan Davids

Discover the Study of Jewish Ethics with Rabbi Davids There could not be a better moment than this extremely disorienting, painful, and frightening time to discover the practice of the Mussar. Taught by Rabbi Stanley Davids, this richly Jewish and highly diverse approach is aimed at helping each of us, in our own way, navigate life's challenges. Mussar: The Practice of Self-Improvement explains this pattern of study of Jewish ethics. From its origins dating back to 10th Century Babylonia, to Rabbi Israel Salanter's revival in 19th Century Lithuania, this moment is currently experiencing one of the most vibrant and exciting forces of renewal within the Jewish community. Everyone is welcome to join Rabbi Davids for six introductory lessons on Tuesdays at noon from January 5 until February 9. No background in Medieval Jewish thought or Hebrew is required, just a little curiosity and willingness to explore the ethical, moral, and cultural world of the Mussar. Let's embark on this unique journey together, as we explore one of Judaism's hidden treasures. Mussar dares to say: "We are not the point of it all."




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