Journey to Motherhood: A Discussion about Infertility, Fostering, and Adoption

Judaism has always had a focus on family. After all, "Be fruitful and multiply," is one of the first biblical imperatives and probably one of the better-known ones too, and yet nearly all of our biblical mothers struggled to conceive a child. Our Jewish tradition knows too well that the road to motherhood is not always easy. Today's Jewish demographic studies focus on youth, marriage rates, and on trends in raising the children, but the process of having babies gets overlooked.

People who are experiencing infertility can feel marginalized at the least, isolated or stigmatized at worst. In honor of of all mothers or those on the journey to motherhood, join Rabbi Susan Nanus and Cantor Lisa Peicott, along with Rabbi Idit Solom from Hasidah and Rabbi Susan Silverman from Second Nurture on Tuesday, May 4 at 7:00 p.m. Together, they will shaire their own journeys to motherhood, and bring to light two incredible Jewish organizations dedicated to creating families, in all shapes and forms.




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