The Giants of Yiddish Literature with Miri Koral

A Taste of Modern Yiddish Literature in Four Tongues - taught by Miri Koral, Director of the California Institute for Yiddish Culture and Language and Continuing Lecturer in Yiddish at UCLA

One of the richest modern literature in the world, Yiddish literature begins in the 1880s and ends with the Holocaust, though significant Yiddish writing continues on to this day. Links for Monday's reading are listed below.

Poetry - Abraham Sutzkever

Gather Me In - Avrom Sutzkever

What Will Last - Avrom Sutzkever


A Little Flower & Scorched Pearls - Avrom Sutzkever

Grains of Wheat & A Moment - Avrom Sutzkever

And This Is What You Should Say To The Orphan - Avrom Sutzkever

from Ecstasies - Avrom Sutzkever




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