Jewish Pride. Reclaiming Our Story. Understanding Who We Are.

Jewish author, Jewish educator, and creator of the Jewish Pride Movement, Ben M. Freeman urges us not to let others define us, but to reclaim and own our Jewish story.

In his first appearance at Wilshire Boulevard Temple, Ben inspired and galvanized us to fight Anti-Semitism by being proud of our 3000 year old history, heritage and culture. Now he returns to help us understand that amazing history and enable us to stand up for who we are, armed with knowledge and pride.


"We are a marvel."

"We have survived against literally all odds and what is more we have thrived. We have got through everything that has been thrown at us...because of our resilience, not because anyone has helped us along the way......

"We created amazing traditions, through which we can sustain ourselves. We built institutions. We built culture. Nay, we built a civilization. And through the lens of pride, we can view and understand our story."

--- Ben M. Freeman



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