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Books and Authors: Steve Oney on The Dead Shall Rise
Irmas Campus (westside)

Co-sponsored by the Casden Institute for the Study of the Jewish Role in American Life

Acclaimed author Steve Oney will be in conversation with Laurie Levenson, Professor of Law, about Oney's famous book And the Dead Shall Rise: The Murder of Mary Phagan and the Lynching of Leo Frank. The book discusses the 1913 lynching of Leo Frank, one of the most sensational and resonant incidents in U.S. criminal and legal history, and a touchstone of American antisemitism. Oney brings a perspective informed by extensive observation of court transcripts, contemporary news articles, judicial and legal documents, and personal papers. According to Publishers Weekly, Oney "has a reporter's eye for detail and a novelist's sense of storytelling."

Though published 15 years ago, this book continues to have contemporary meaning as "the story of Leo Frank fuses the cycle of anti-Semitism with the perils of fake news". Furthermore, a judge in Atlanta currently intends to reopen the case.




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