Wilshire Boulevard Temple needs your help to help our own and others who are in need.   Rabbi Hillel was right when he said,

If I am only for myself, what am I?  And if not now, when?

The COVID-19 crisis has caused three immediate and short-term challenges we simply do not have the wherewithal to meet. 

Karsh Center - We need to feed people and make sure they have diapers for their babies.  The Karsh Center feeds 50,000 people a year under normal circumstances.  Now, we are literally the only hope for thousands more who do not have enough to eat. 

School Scholarships - We have nearly 1,400 children in our nursery schools, elementary schools and religious schools, many of whom will not be able to return to school next year unless we are able to provide a very high level of scholarship assistance that we do not have in our reserves.  We don’t want a single child to lose out on a Jewish education.    

Employee Support - We are doing everything we can to avoid furloughing any of our 350 employees who, because they work for a religious institution, would not qualify for state unemployment benefits. The SBA loan the Temple expects to receive only covers the next eight weeks.  After that, we are once again on our own. 



If you are looking to make other or additional Temple donations, to our schools, The Karsh Center, The Audrey Irmas Pavilion, Camps, and other funds, you may do so on the Temple Donation Page.