Crisis in Israel: Community Events, Help and Resources

On this page you can find up to date information, resources and organizations that are responding directly to the crisis in Israel. We also have listed different ways to take action and how Wilshire Boulevard Temple is providing support. We encourage you to reach out to our clergy who are always available to offer you comfort and guidance and our Israeli Temple members and employees to offer them emotional support. 

Here are some invaluable articles on coping with traumatic stress and mental health resources.

We pray for peace as Jews have done throughout the history of our people. We ache for the loss of innocent lives and stand firmly with Israel. It is time for our Jewish family to join hands and hearts with resolve. Reach out to your friends and family in Israel. Send money to help Israeli victims of trauma by clicking on the links below. Stand up for Israel with colleagues, family and friends. Speak out on social media. Above all, let the end result of those who wish us dead be an unshakable resolve to secure the future of Israel and the Jewish people.

Click here to read the full Wilshire Boulevard Temple Statement on Israel from Rabbi Steve Leder.

How to help those in Israel

Some Leading Organizations responding directly to the crisis 

Action Items

University Presidents: Act Against Antisemitism

How to stay informed

Family Resources

A list of resources is available to help adults talk with children about tragic events. 


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