Interior Sanctuary

Life Cycle

Judaism sanctifies time, teaching us to express gratitude for the gifts of life and love.

Our years are gifts, all to be appreciated and never to be taken for granted. Along the way are special moments that we as Jews honor with proper celebration, reverence, and solemnity. Wilshire Boulevard Temple provides all the necessary guidance and support to honor these special milestones of our lives.


At regular Shabbat services, the clergy may bless adult congregants celebrating special milestones—birthdays or wedding anniversaries that are a multiple of five. Prospective celebrants will receive a letter inviting them to be called to the bimah at the closest convenient Kabbalat Shabbat, at either the Glazer or Irmas Campus.

Please let us know when you will be attending so the clergy can call you to the bimah to receive the blessing. For more information, call Samantha Rosen at (213) 835-2121 or email her at