Interior Sanctuary


Every new baby or adopted child entering the Wilshire Boulevard Temple community is a blessing to the congregational family, and our clergy are delighted to provide support during this wonderful time in your life.

For families welcoming sons, our staff can recommend a mohel trained in ritual circumcision—the b’rit milah ceremony held on the eighth day after birth. Our clergy make every effort to attend the b’rit milah. For boys whose circumcisions do not occur on the eighth day, the Temple offers the option of a naming ceremony usually at services or at home.

For families welcoming daughters, we offer a b’rit bat, or naming ceremony, to usher girls into the covenant of the Jewish people. This ceremony can take place at home or during the Friday night Kabbalat Shabbat services at the Glazer, Irmas campus or Resnick Family Campus, or the Saturday morning services.

Of course, our clergy are always happy to help parents choose a Hebrew name for their baby or adopted child.

For more information, please contact our Life Cycle Coordinator, Samantha Rosen, (213) 835-2121 or