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A 21st Century Path to Judaism

Bruchim Ha’Baim! Welcome to Wilshire Boulevard Temple, and thank you for your interest in our Choosing Judaism class! We are excited to share the richness of Judaism and Jewish life with you as we learn together.

Our Choosing Judaism course spans thirteen weeks, and will cover the basics of Jewish history, sources, prayers, holidays, lifecycles, traditions, and culture. The course structure is designed for engaging learning with a cohort, building community with other course classmates, and connecting with the broader Wilshire Boulevard Temple environment as your synagogue and Jewish home.

While the course does begin the conversion process for those who wish to pursue it, Choosing Judaism provides an opportunity to deepen Jewish knowledge for Jews and non-Jews as well.

Course Overview

Course Cost:
$180 per unit (i.e. one person or couple taking the course together). This fee covers meals and other expenses during the classes and Shabbat experiences.

Course Outline:

  • All classes are held in person.
  • The course is taught primarily by Rabbi Hannah Elkin, with other rabbis and cantors in the Wilshire clergy team as occasional guest teachers.
  • A course booklist and syllabus with weekly readings will be provided prior to the beginning of the course. 
  • Attendance is mandatory, though if you are unable to make a class because of extenuating circumstances, make up assignments will be available.
  • Missing more than two classes could make you ineligible for conversion.

Course Assignments & Additional Engagement Opportunities:

  • Weekly reflection journals
  • Attending WBT Shabbat services three times
  • Attending two additional adult education classes or events offered by Wilshire
  • Celebrating the Jewish holidays that occur during the timeframe of the course
  • A final reflection assignment before you are eligible for conversion with the beit din (conversion committee) and mikveh (ritual immersion to finalize conversion).

For those who are interested in taking the Choosing Judaism course, but are not pursuing conversion, the assignments and additional engagement opportunities are not required.

We understand that the course and these requirements ask for significant commitments from participants. We include these requirements because of the seriousness of the commitment to Judaism and the Jewish people that comes out of this process. 

The next Choosing Judaism Cohort will be held in Spring 2025.

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