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A 21st Century Path to Judaism

Wilshire Boulevard Temple welcomes individuals who choose a deeper connection to Judaism through conversion and offers several pathways.
The enrollment deadline for Choosing Judaism is MARCH 31, 2023. Fall session dates are to be determined.

The Next 8-Week Program Will Begin April 14, 2023.

For more information, please contact Selina Gunsauls or call (424) 208-8930

Why don't more people choose Judaism? One reason is that we make it too difficult.

Becoming a Jew often involves a year-long drawn out course of study. It’s a commitment fewer people are able to make in our busy 21st Century lives. When I am asked, “Rabbi, why does it take a year?” the truth is that I have never had a good answer and have always felt there must be a better way.

Finally, there is.

Choosing Judaism is a free, innovative program leading to conversion that was introduced with great success in the Spring of 2018. Inspired by the personal journeys of people choosing to become Jews and determined to find a way to align the conversion process with busy 21st Century lives, Rabbi Shapiro with Wilshire Boulevard Temple clergy developed Choosing Judaism, an 8-Week Immersive Journey to Becoming a Jew.

The first  session demonstrated a rigorous program that intensifies learning, meaning, and engagement as we welcome participants into the family of Jewish people.

Rabbi Beau Shapiro

I’m always inspired when I accompany someone to the mikveh who is choosing to become a Jew. It’s always different but always beautiful. Each time I watch someone becoming a Jew, I wonder why more people who have shown interest don’t do the same.   - Rabbi Shapiro

Here is what some members of previous groups had to say...

Listen to an episode from congregants Erin and Sara Foster's podcast "The World's First Podcast" as Rabbi Shapiro discusses the process of converting to Judaism, the misconceptions about converting, why it’s okay to ask questions and not have all the answers, and more.

I decided to participate in Wilshire Boulevard’s choosing Judaism program because I loved Rabbi Shapiro’s welcoming, inclusive approach to Judaism. Likewise, the program not only taught us the foundations of Judaism, but allowed us to enjoy a taste of the Jewish life. The program will enable you to determine whether this path is for you. Either way, everyone at Wilshire Boulevard Temple will honor your choice. I loved the course and thank everyone to Wilshire Boulevard Temple for opening the door to my new life as a Jew. - Robert Phelps

I gained so much from our classes, group discussions, and retreat weekend... I have always felt a part of the community at Wilshire so it really took me by surprise. I feel home in a way I have never felt before. Thank you Wilshire Boulevard Temple and especially Rabbi Beau Shapiro for providing such a warm and welcoming conversion program.  You are forever in my heart. - Maggie Maier

The amount of care, passion, and support Rabbi Shapiro and Temple staff put into Choosing Judaism is amazing. I’m so excited to join the community, as everyone I’ve met has welcomed me with open arms. And where I’m from, hospitality and kindness feel like home. - Jennifer Winberg Cartwright