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Meet Brandon Cohen

Brandon Cohen and Nadine Breuer

We are delighted to share the news that Brandon Cohen is the new Head of School at Brawerman Elementary following the retirement of Nadine Breuer, Brawerman’s founding Head of School, in June 2016. As Brawerman’s Director of Teaching and Learning since 2013, Brandon is known throughout the Brawerman community as a warm and caring leader, as well as an expert on curriculum and teaching methods. Following a search for Nadine’s successor by the consulting team Resource Group 175, Brandon emerged as the ideal choice to lead Brawerman forward, carrying on the school’s mission and Nadine’s legacy.

“Brandon Cohen will lead Brawerman with vision, educational expertise, and menschlicheit,” Nadine said. “As we worked together these past three years, I saw him care for our students, faculty, and parents with wisdom and good judgment. How lucky Brawerman is to be in his dedicated hands!”

“As both a parent of Brawerman students and an active member of our Temple and Brawerman communities, I cannot imagine a better successor to Nadine Breuer than Brandon to chart Brawerman's future,” said Richard Pachulski, Brawerman Elementary School Advisory Board President. “We are just so fortunate to have Brandon lead Brawerman in the coming years, particularly in light of his deep appreciation of the personal and educational challenges and opportunities our children will experience in the 21st century.”

Brandon holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania and a master’s degree from the Principal Leadership Institute at UCLA. Before making the move to Brawerman, he worked as a teacher and school administrator for 13 years, including having served as principal of the highly regarded LAUSD Downtown Magnets High School. Brandon’s wife, Karen, is also an educator; together they have two boys, both students at Brawerman West.

“Blessed to be a member of the Brawerman community for the last three years, I embrace the soul, spirit, and scholarship that define our school,” Brandon said. I look forward to leading Brawerman into its next phase, aiming for excellence while maintaining its unique essence.

“Brawerman students are thoughtful, articulate leaders who are poised, confident, and clear about their values. They have an incredible sense of who they are and how they intend to make a difference in the world. They are not only successful academically; they are kind, good human beings. These are the qualities that truly distinguish our school.”

As Brandon leads Brawerman into the future, he intends for it to be “the top elementary school with a Jewish soul in Southern California.” He aims to ensure that “Brawerman always has the top technology, science, and art programs—the best academics taught by passionate teachers and specialists who inspire students to think critically and love learning.” The old goals of reading, writing, and mathematics are now building blocks to achieve the new goals of being able to make a compelling argument, distinguish truth from non-truth, and work collaboratively. Brawerman is preparing students for jobs that may not yet exist. Change is part of the plan.

“But when the kids put their arms around each other and sing ‘Hashkiveinu,’ that’s what makes parents cry,” Brandon said. “That’s what makes my mother wish her mother could be here to see. That’s what I want to make sure never changes.”