Baruch HaShem! We Welcome You Back!

  • Bulletin

“Baruch HaShem!” Depending on your background, or if you binge-watched Unorthodox or Shtisel during the past many months, you heard this a lot. “Blessed be the name,” or more loosely translated, “Thank God!” In Religious School, we spend quite a bit of time teaching the value of Hakarat HaTov, recognizing good and finding gratitude in daily living. We thank God, we thank one another, we thank those who protect us, we thank our teachers and educators, and hopefully the list goes on and on, whether it be for our healthy bodies, minds, or presence in the moment we are in.

If you asked the Religious School team about what we are most grateful for (in addition to the health of our families and the hopeful end to a brutal pandemic), we would all say, “You, the WBT community!” Parents, teachers, staff, students, Board of Directors, colleagues, and the community at large…you supported us through 15 months of educational chaos. You expected nothing less than the best from us, and I am proud to say we were able to deliver just that, because you provided us with the tools we needed! Our tool kit expanded and was enriched because of your commitment, dedication, professional guidance, and words of ongoing wisdom and encouragement, as well as your children’s laughter, presence, and, yes, your Hakarat HaTov. These months required a level of patience, flexibility, and understanding like never before.

So, what now? We are excited and filled with gratitude that this supportive, beautiful synagogue community will now welcome and embrace hundreds of new Religious School families on our University campus. As we share our newfound wisdom and skill set with everyone during the school year ahead, we say, “Baruch HaShem,” remembering and recognizing the good in each one of us to become even better, more vibrant, and engaged in the Religious School community.

Registration for all of our programs opened in May. Please do not delay in registering for the wonderful offerings for students from kindergarten through high school at—or always feel free to contact us at or (424) 208-8906. May your summer be safe, healthy, and joyful!