Last week was jam-packed with field trips! Grade 6 students and chaperones left for their 10-day tour of Israel. Students in all grade levels had the opportunity to write special messages that Grade 6 students will place in the Kotel (Western Wall) during their visit. We look forward to hearing about their adventures when they return.

On Tuesday, Grade 1 students headed off campus to the West LA Sanitation Yard. In conjunction with their study of recycling in the classroom, students saw the different types of garbage trucks and learned how to properly sort trash. They reflected on the importance of recycling and connected it to the Jewish value of bal tashchit, which means "do not destroy."  

On Thursday, Grade 4 students hit the road and headed to Leonis Adobe, one of the oldest surviving buildings in Los Angeles. Students experienced farm life as they made butter, formed tortillas, fed goats and sheep, and explored the adobe house of Miguel Leonis.

Grade 1 was off again along with Grade 2 to see the play The Emperor's New Clothes at the Morgan-Wixson Theatre. Students were not only treated to the performance, but also enjoyed talking to the actors and actresses, some of whom were also in elementary school, after the play. Students learned about all of the hard work that goes into putting on a theatrical production. When asked about the trip, students remarked:

"The play was really funny, and it was also well done!"

"I thought the play was entertaining. A tiny bit long because usually plays are one hour and this was two!"