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Ben Shirken, Mann Family Early Childhood Center Class of 2002 and Brawerman Elementary School Class of 2009, known by his stage name “Beshken,” was on tour in Detroit when interviewed for this Bulletin edition. For the last year, Ben, an electronic singer and guitarist, has been touring across the United States and Canada with Gus Dapperton.



Ben’s love for music started in his days at Brawerman, when he played a cover of “Hey There Delilah” as Demetrius in A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Ben went to secondary school at Windward and was in the jazz band there. He also played covers at b’nei mitzvot. Currently a senior at NYU, Ben is studying music production and business, working toward a bachelor of fine arts degree in Recorded Music. His interest in being a DJ, producing music, and frequenting Low End Theory, a former contemporary beat music club in Los Angeles, got him into the electronic scene.

We can’t wait to see what Ben does next!