August, 2022

August, 2022

August 2022

Gifts received between August 1, 2022 and August 31, 2022

Anne & Nathan Spilberg Annual Fund
In Loving Memory of:
Alfred Levin by Brandon and Claudia Levin
Anne Spilberg by Brandon and Claudia Levin
Camp Recovery Fund
In Loving Memory of:
Gladys Ehrlich by Bill and Susan Ehrlich

Clergy Fund
Lori Nafshun

​​For the Baby Naming of:
Stella Green by Miriam and Leland Green

In honor of:
Rabbi Steven Leder by Susan and Scott Edelman
Rabbi Susan Nanus by Mark Loeterman and Nancy Cole Loeterman
Perry Rubenstein by Sara Fitzmaurice
Cantor Kerith Spencer-Shapiro by Mark Loeterman and Nancy Cole Loeterman

In Loving Memory of:
Jack Galindo by Merle Galindo
Leon Ginsberg by Bette Feldman
Leah Philips by Lawrence and Marion Phillips

Dean Prober Memorial Campership Fund
Blaine Prober
Selevan Family Foundation, Inc.

Disaster Response Fund
Thomas and Barbara Leanse

Food Pantry
Leonore and Donald Motley
Jeff Paul
Nicholas Zielinski

Congratulations to:
Ashley and Brandon Allen by Alexis and Michael Messinger
Sasha and Andrew Schleimer by Alexis and Michael Messinger
Samantha Sesar by Alexis and Michael Messinger

In Loving Memory of:
Steven Bartmasser by Susan Bryman
Jonathan Brody by Rabbi Lynn Brody Slome and Ansel Slome
Helen Levin by David Abel and Brenda Levin-Abel
Hannah Kaplan by Ronnye Grueber
Evelyn Kramer by Florence Stark
Robert Haiman by Judi and Paul Lippe

Gerald Rubin Memorial Campership Fund
In Loving Memory of:
Bella Kaufman by Marian Kaufman

Karsh Family Social Service Center Fund
Dena Bloom & Robert Klyman
Constance Burg
Linda Fleischman
Mann Family Early Childhood Center
Todd and Lauren Rosenberg
Gail Spindler
Ellen and Steve Sugerman
Randee and Jon Turtle

Congratulations to:
Tamara Horwich by Marsha and Fredrick Levin

In Loving Memory of:
Pearl Borinstein by Gary Gartsman
Howard Lynn by Leanore and Donald Motley

Kehillah Community Fund
Amy and Dennis Grunfeld

Koleinu Fund
In honor of:
Rabbi Joel Nickerson by Sydney Kapchan

Mitzvah Fund
Steven Kay

Music Publication Fund
For the Baby Naming of:
Zoe and Zack Kaplan by Nancy and Hal Daum

In honor of:
Cantor Don Gurney by Susan and Scott Edelman

In Loving Memory of:
Jan Forman by Barry Forman and Andrea Pflug
Pauline Forman by Barry Forman and Andrea Pflug
Beverly Friedman by Drs. Ronald and Sheryl Schott
David Nitka by Michelle and Michael Moshay
Isaac Ullman by Mark Epstein and Laura Ullman Epstein

Prayerbook Dedication and Publication
In Loving Memory of:
Elsie Fogelman by Judi and Alan Fogelman

Pulpit Flowers
In Loving Memory of:
Anne Rolston by Berne Rolston
Lorraine Weintraub by Jill Schulman

Rabbi Alfred Wolf Campership Fund
In Loving Memory of:
Marietta Bach by Susan Schneiderman and Kenneth Korman
June Blumkin by Janis Schwartz
Sylvia David by Donna and Jay Bartley
        by Ellen and William Janssen
Douglas Delaney by Linda Delaney
Jean Grossman by Janice Grossman
Hedy Herz by Karin and Doug Schaer
Harry Leveson by Linda and Larry Wolf
Pearl Loeterman by Mardi and Ben Loeterman
Herta Roberts by Eric Roberts
Marilyn Roberts by Eric Roberts

Rabbi Edgar F. Magnin Fund
In Loving Memory of:
Joseph Mereny by Carol Krasne
Lawrence Snyder by Rick Chimienti

Shulamit Katz Summer-in-Israel Scholarship
In Loving Memory of:
Bobbi Pearson by Steven and Mona Miller
Hien H. Phan by Steven and Mona Miller

The Temple Fund
Edi Banafsheha
John Benfield and Mary Ann Shaw
Jody and Bruce Botansky
Liza and Leonardo Calzoni
Norman Chanes and Ronnie Shapiro
Marilyn and Walter Dishell
Barry Edwards
Wendy Goldberg
Alexander Heldman
Carol and Clive Hoffman
Phyllis Kassel
Nancy and Bruce Newberg
Deborah Newmyer
Jeannine Ramer
Elyse and Andrew Rosenfield
Alan Sieroty
Denise Simon
Helen Smerling
Sandra Stern
Jody Weintraub
Joy Wolf
Sheperd Xhowdhury

In Loving Memory of:
Charles Bendit by May Bendit
Gordon Bodek by Ed Moss and Marnie Bodek
Margarete Bruch by Carol Bruch
Ernest Bruch by Carol Bruch
Ruth Cheslaw by Ann Cheslaw
Linda Chesler by Stewart Chesler and Iva Schroeder
Stephen Chorna by Ilene Abramson
        by Susan Bleecher
by Linda Friedman
by Norma Silverman
by Trinka and Howard Soloway
Mig Freudenthal by Jean Cohen
Harold Garber by Robert Wolf
Cole Grosflam by Nancy Senter
Robert Haiman by Shirley Haiman
Joe Kaplan by Blaire and Aaron Kaplan
Roger Kozberg by Barbara and Martin L. Kozberg
by Joanne Kozberg
Lea Lask by Lidia Mauricio Epelbaum
Pearl Loeterman by Anita Diamant
by Ivan and Deborah Kallick
by Brigitta Tadmor
By Morris and Shila Hazan
Jerry Lushing by Nancy and Ian Greenstein
Michael Mette by Barnet Kellman and Nancy Mette
Eli Persky by Bobbie Fields
Molly B. Redman by Charles Kahn and Teri Redman Kahn
Morris Robin by Donna and Paul Nadel
Lisa A. Rose by David and Masako Rosen
Mildred R. Sack by Jean Rosenbaum-Katz
Albert Tomin by Harold Tomin and Toby Horn
Dorothy Tomin by Harold Tomin and Toby Horn
Linda Tomin by Harold Tomin and Toby Horn
Rose Horn by Harold Tomin and Toby Horn
Sam Horn by Harold Tomin and Toby Horn
Martin Schiff by Lisa Chorna
Margit Schonberger by Milan Schonberger
Marcie Segall by Judith Pies
Yuliy Sheinberg by Igor and Marina Sheinberg
Rhoda Shralow by Donna and Paul Nadel
Scott Sraberg by Brad and Karen Sraberg
Anatoly Vulikhman by Igor and Marina Sheinberg
Elaine Zane by Debra Zane and Jeff Jarkow
Sheldon Zane by Debra Zane and Jeff Jarkow
Ida Zivetz by Gail and Joseph Lowenstein

Thank you to:
Nan Goodman by Paul Russ
Rabbi Beau Shapiro by Gary Gartsman

Tikkun Olam - Social Action Fund
In Loving Memory of:
Parviz Danielpour by Jessica and Richard Kaplan
Jenny Gross by Lessing and Joanne Solov
Danny Mandell by Jeffrey Mandell and Abigail Jones
Sue Temple by Edward and Marcia Horowitz

WBT Sisterhood Fund
In Loving Memory of:
Louis Bolmot by Barbara Dischler

Camp Operations Fund
Anna Lea and Evan Arnold
Solomon and Judy Behar
Andrew Benkendorf
Julie and Tony Berkus
Jennifer and David Bernstein
Sydnee and Jared Breuer
Ted and Lauren Bro
Julia Dick
Alexandra Donahoo
Hayley Dox
Greg and Sarah Epstein
Erica Feinman
Lisa and Michael Fischer
Maureen Gelberg
Janet Genow
Erica Ginsberg
Sandy and Lev Ginsburg
Beth and Jan Goren
Romi and Eric Goren
Harold Grinspoon Foundation
Justin and Melanie Harelik
Matthew Horwitz
Sarah Kaplan and Erik Malin
Joshua Karbelnig
Olivia Kohn
Charlie Kramer
Jennifer and Jerry Krikheli
Alexandra Kugler
Jessica Langer
Cheri and Bob Lauterbach
Peter Levenson
Julia Witkow
Christopher Biehl and Hope Levy-Biehl
Jessica and Gregory Liberman
David and Stacey Madrid
Heather Mayer
Jamie Mehdi-Tash
Benjamin Smith and Julie Novakoff
Jonah Phillips
Mark and Shari Pollock
Carlos Ramirez
Joanie Reisman
Susanne Romano
Meirav Sakalowsky
Melissa Salama
Melissa Sanford
Lindsey Schiffman
Katie and Darren Segal
Jennifer Sherman
Kara and Seth Silverman
Daniel Tarica and Joshua Bobrowsky
Erica Turgeman
Susanna Vapnek
Jordan Vaughter
Michelle and Peter Vogel
Andy and Lauren Wallenstein
Shirin and Peyman Yadegar
Debbie Zeichner
Brandon and Teri Zimon
Nadine and Zachary Zysman

In honor of:
Bobbi Pearson by Sandra Disner

In Loving Memory of:
Stella Goren by Beth and Jan Goren
Art Kaplan by Lisa Agay Getz & Stan Getz
Joan and Leo Weil by Ilana Winter

Lois Jeanne Levy Memorial Campership Fund
In Loving Memory of:
William Lerner by Cynthia Levy
Ellis Levy by Cynthia Levy
Esther Levy by Cynthia Levy
Millicent Small by Cynthia Levy

Sills Family Campership Fund
In Loving Memory of:
Thelma Sills by Susan and Tom Casamassima

Resnick Early Childhood Center
In Loving Memory of:
Barnet Cooperman by Jason and Meredith Abber

Brawerman Elementary School Annual Giving Campaign
Maile Moore and Robert Ellin
Wendy Maduff

Brawerman Elementary School Nadine Breuer Endowment Fund
In Loving Memory of:
Gladys Ehrlich by Steve and Nadine Breuer
Lou Markman by Lizzie and Gil Harari