Kindergarten Consecration

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Kindergarten Consecration

Together with Kindergarten families, Brawerman East Grade 4 Buddies, and Brawerman West Grade 6 Buddies, our community gathered to recognize our youngest students. Kindergarten Consecration marks the start of our Kindergarteners’ Jewish education as they begin to discover their own Jewish identity. Each year on Simchat Torah, we invite our student body along with Kindergarten families to welcome Kindergarten students into lifelong learning and exploration of their own Jewish identities. Simchat Torah is typically marked by joyful celebration and gratitude for receiving the Torah. At Brawerman, we invite our students into a Jewish education marked by joyful Judaism.

To commemorate this moment, our Grade 4 students at Brawerman East, who also serve as the Kindergarteners' older Buddies, decorated Torah covers and presented a small Torah to each student. At Brawerman West, the Kindergarteners were presented with a mini Torah from their Grade 6 Buddies. The teachers, administrators, and Kindergarten parents then unrolled the entire Torah to “wrap” our students in its warm embrace. Kindergarten consecration is undoubtedly special for the Kindergarten students. But this moment also presents our older students with a leadership opportunity as they welcome the youngest students to Brawerman. It’s also an incredible moment for our community to come together and show our support as we bless our Kindergarten class together.

Our mission as a school is to provide an unparalleled educational experience rooted in Jewish values. As these roots take hold, we celebrate this profound moment together and look forward to our Kindergarten students continuing to blossom throughout their years at Brawerman.