Lights, lasers, and electricity, oh my! Last week, Brawerman Grades 5 and 6 East and West came together for an adventure at AstroCamp.

  • BES

Students spent two nights and three days in Idyllwild, experiencing hands-on science activities and the great outdoors. AstroCamp's facilities and labs are state-of-the-art, offering students premier equipment for exploring science and the natural world. Highlights included: ziplining, flying through the air on a sky coaster, learning about gases and the combustibility of hydrogen, and freezing lays potato chips with liquid nitrogen. Students also enjoyed viewing the night sky, including Jupiter, through a powerful telescope. Educational destination field trips are the embodiment of experiential education. Students gain independence as they navigate being away from home, keeping track of their belongings, and advocating for themselves when in need. We can’t wait for our overnight trips to Sacramento, Boston, and Israel in the spring!