December, 2022

December, 2022

December 2022

Gifts received between December 1, 2022 and December 31, 2022


Aaron Joshua Simmons Memorial                                   
Peter and Rena Falk

Anne & Nathan Spilberg Annual Fund    
In Loving Memory of:
Howard Basch by Susan and Bruce Levin
Hinda Porter by Myra and Jack Porter

Caring Community Fund    
Toby Horn and Harold Tomin

In Loving Memory of:           
Roni Fink by Jody and David Lippman

Clergy Fund  
Dete and Paul Meserve
Helena Smerling

In Honor of:     
Rabbi Steve Leder by Elly and Dan Wolf
Rabbi M. Beaumont Shapiro by Eleanora and J.D. Harriman, II

In Loving Memory of:           
Irving Berman by Gail Berman-Masters and Bill Masters 
Rose Levin by Leslie Levin and Jona Rottenberg
Kitty Masters by Gail Berman-Masters and Bill Masters 
Harold Perliter by Bunny Perliter
Hanna Price by Michael Price

Grief Support Fund
In Loving Memory of:           
Clara Waldow by Ann Markowitz and Richard Waldow 

Harvey J. & Sybil A. Fields Educational Scholarship Fund
In Loving Memory of:       
John W. Riskind by Saredel Riskind

Koleinu Fund
In Loving Memory of:           
Norman Siegel by Melissa Zukerman and Ben Goldfarb

Lisa Bro Goldberg Youth Scholarship Fund         
In Loving Memory of: 
Knud Bro by Staten and Karen Williams

Music Publication Fund
Marsha and Fredrick Levin

In Honor of:
Kerith Shapiro & Rabbi M. Beaumont Shapiro by Jennifer and Brian Wolf

In Loving Memory of:           
Philip D. Forman by Andrea Pflug and Barry Forman 
Harriet Reade by Ronnie Reade

Prayerbook Dedication and Publication
In Loving Memory of:
Milton K. Grey by Judi and Dr. Alan Fogelman
Sylvia Unger by Judi and Dr. Alan Fogelman

Pulpit Flowers
In Loving Memory of: 
Goldie Gelfand by Arline Gelfand
Naomi L. Howard by Dayle Dolginer

Rabbi Edgar F. Magnin Fund
In Loving Memory of:
Eva Codon by Corryne Schuster
Estelle Schwartz by Jennifer Gwartz

Susan and Meredith Fishman Memorial Fund
In Loving Memory of: 
Marion Fishman by Richard Fishman
Jeanette Pastor by Richard Fishman

The Temple Fund
Janet Blacher and Bruce Baker, PH.D
Edi Banafsheha
Rebecka and Arie Belldegrun
Mary Ann Shaw and John Benfield 
Helene Rosenzweig and Richard Bock
Jan and Rick Burns
Ronnie Shapiro and Norman Chanes
Sandra Disner
Dana and Casey Federman
Anita and Harvey Friedman
Doreen and Todd Gelfand
Debra Gerod
Naomi Reem-Gilat and Ronen Gilat
Karly and Jeff Gilbert
Nancy and Ian Greenstein
Joanne and Bruce Gruen
Cassandra Klyman, MD
Marsha and Fredrick Levin
Austyn Weiner and Dylan Lewis
Rebecca and David Mandel
Jodi and Bradley Meadow
Helene and Thomas Morgan
Janis Flax and Bruce Perelman
Ruth Popkin
Stephanie Smooke Praw and Doug Praw
Nina and Mitchell Quaranta
Linda and Peter Rhein
Betsy and Scott Sandler
Cindi Berns and Roger Scadron
Jon Shapiro
Mindy and Adam Silverstein
Arleen and Allen Steiner
Brian J. Striar
Deborah and David Trainer
Barbara and Lee Wagman
Roberta and Murray Zucker

In Honor of: 
Katherine and Sean Eskovitz by Deborah and Jonathan Davidson
James Hyman’s birthday by Cathy and Brad Gelfond
Daphne Johnston and Cora Fennessy by Ellen Pansky and Leland Reicher
Rabbi Steve Leder by Patti and Jeffrey Finkelstein
                        by Wade Z. Lewis
                        by Jennifer and Gregory Sackler
Cantor Lisa Peicott by Terry Mizrahi
Maurice Provisor by Mr. & Mrs. Jon Provisor
Moise Zarouk by Jesse Zarouk

In Loving Memory of:           
Isaac Alex by Joan Borinstein
Albert Allen by Judith and Eugene Tuch
Sheldon Andelson by Michele Andelson
Janine N. Barasch by Stephen Barasch
Konstantyn Baruch by Katheryn and Arthur Chinski
Paul Baum by Rena and Alexander Merino
Bradley Bell by and Karen Bell and Robert Cox 
Bernard I. Bratter by Phyllis Kassel
Bennet Brown by Andrea Pflug and Barry Forman
Sharona A. Buskila by Kathleen and Brian Sumers
Ruth Cohen by Lyn and Marc Cohen
Gussie Dancer by Robert Dancer
Charles Dolginer by Jill and Burton Epstein
John Dolginer by  Melvin Adler
Alexander Finci by Audrey and Joe Finci
Paul Fischer by L & S Advisors Inc
Marian L. Greenberg by Evelyn Weinstock
Milton K. Grey by Tricia and Richard Grey
Albert P. Harris by Rita Harris
Joseph R. Hecht by Ann Saltzman
Darrelle, Eugene, and Irving Hirsch by Donald Hirsch
Marvin Howard by Dayle Dolginer
Lawrence Kartiganer by Gail Title
Bernard Kislin by Marci and Mitchell Heskel
Marilyn Langsam by Diana Kriegsman
Lillian Lee by Nancy Silberkleit
Rhoda Mandel by Joel Mandel
Rose Morhar by Leonie and Glen Janken
Beth L. Schapira by Gwen and Gregory Lorber
Sally Schlossberg by Adrienne and Stanford Rubin
Leon Schwab by Ada Lee Plattus and Norman Schwab 
Donald L. Schwarz by Kat Schwarz
William Share by Mollee and Dr. Edward Share
Bennet Silberstein by Janice and David Weissman
Dorothy and Meyer Slifkin by Clara Slifkin
Morton J. Sobel by Laura Kalb
Robert Stein by Janet and Dr. Michael Soffer
Barbara Taub by Lalana and Richard Hirschfield
Estelle Molly Tencer by Linda Rosen
Betty Umansky by Danielle and Alejandro Umansky
Eva R. Weissenberg by Ann Labe-Givon and Bernd Givon

Tikkun Olam - Social Action Fund
In Loving Memory of:
Samuel and Jenny Doro by Abigail Ghose
Eve Yavil Fine by Muriel and Dr. Neil Sherman

WBT Sisterhood Fund 
In Loving Memory of:
Alvin Dischler by Barbara Dischler


Brawerman Annual Giving Campaign      
Sharon and David Akhtarzad
Erinn and Adam Alcabes
Orie Argamany
Miri Avraham
Alexis Barbag
Debbie and Ran Ben-Tzur
Alex and Mickey Berman
Dr. Caren Hoffman and Andrew Bernell
Helena and David Bloch
Megan and Craig Bloom
Ashley and Michael Bressler
Lissa and Adam Chesnoff
Arlo Cohen
Dina and Noel Cohen
Karyn and Marc Cohen
Shelley and Mike Cohen
Amy and Brad Conroy
Chesley Cunningham
Helen and Gary Dosik
Monica and Keith Dragoon
Courtney and Billy Edson
Lisa Eppel and Craig Chisvin
Rachel Fleischer and Blake Collins
Lisa and Alexander Fridman
Joy Schwartz and Tim Gaylord
Lucy and Gregory Gelfan
Isai German
Naomi Reem-Gilat and Ronen Gilat
Haley Ginsberg
Christina and Josh Glotzer
Sarah Rettinger and Jonathan Goldman
Shirley and Gabriel Halimi
Melissa and Brian Haloossim
Dorit and Adir Haroni
Yonit Harounian
Irena Hazon
Betsy Newman and Howard Heitner
Luke Heller
Amy Lerner-Hill and Charles Hill
Luis Honorato
Rhonda and John Jacobs
Ellie and Simon Javaheri
Opal and David Judaken
Danielle Sebring and Alexander Kargher
Margaret Soper and Jason Kessler
Carol and Avi Klein
Logan Kosko
Diana and Richard Leher
Talia and Martin Lesak
Erin Gordon and Jamie Levy
Genna and Robert Liebesman
Gwen and Gregory Lorber
Debbie and James Lustig
Jamie and Douglas Lynn
Linda F. Lynn
Stanley Ma
Marcia and Doug Mankoff
Dr. Parastou and Joseph Mann
Ziba and Shahbod Mansoury
Jessica Meisels
Sydney and Joseph Meller
Natale and Dan Naim
Misha Starr and Dr. Elliot Nayssan
Kirin and Babak Nehoray
Julia and Rabbi Joel Nickerson
Morissa O'Mara
Bess Kargman and Matthew Orlando
Sharon and Simon Ourian
Fran and Joel Parker
Sammy Parker
Jenna and Neil Parris
Amanda and Nic Paul
Laury Harris and Greg Pimstone
Carrie and Evan Rifkin
Margarita and Danny Rojany
Helen and Robert Rosenberg
Janet and Lenny Rosenblatt
Elyse and Andrew Rosenfield
Alexis and Seth Ross
Gil Saraf
Natalie Saraf
Camy and Scott Sargent
Megan A. Sass
Danielle Schwartz
Mauricio Schwartzman
Steven Seigel
Galite and David Shafer
Pegah and Payam Shahian
Ashley Shapiro
Sarah and Adam Sher
Jodi Shorr
Jennifer and Rony Shram
The Silber Family Foundation
Kara and Seth Silverman
Kara and Brad Slater
Sara and Larry Sloan
Jessica and Boris Solodkiy
Drs. Neta and Shahram Soroudi
Ryan Stearn
Sophia and Joshua Stein
Jamie Steinman
Tatiana Streltsova and Leo Smirnov 
Nancy and Israel Tanenbaum
Natalie and Steven Taylor
Stephanie and Steven Teitelbaum
Angie and Josh Tepper
Bic Thatawat
Stephanie and Michael Todd
Deborah and David Tractenberg
Jessica Kronstadt and William Turner
Danielle and Alejandro Umansky
Ariana Urbont and William Taylor
John Wallerstein
Amy and Jacob Weber
Jeanette Yoon

In Honor of: 
Levi and Emery Bloom by Anne K. Mirisch
Rabbi David Eshel by Randi and Stanford Schwimer
Ned Ghodsian by Sharona and Fouad Katan
Helen Iloulian by Deborah and Brent Iloulian
Lowell Schulman by Fiona Breslin

In Loving Memory of:           
Jerry Lieberman by Susie and Stewart Lieberman
Maxine Warren by Paula Epstein and Dan Persoff

Brawerman Scholarship Fund        
Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles

ECC Giving Campaign        
Erinn and Adam Alcabes
Ghazal and Houman Banafsheh
Rebecka and Arie Belldegrun
Debbie and Ran Ben-Tzur
Leore and Adrian Berger
Carol and Daniel Bovill
Katherine and Craig Brody
Jennifer and Benjamin Collier
Andrea Fischmann-Dadon and Jacob Dadon
Bailey and John-Michael Del Valle
Brieana and Seth Dorfman
Monica and Keith Dragoon
Jamie and Adam Epstein
Lee Ann and Jason Fineberg
Lindsey and Justin Flam
Linda and Sean Foley
Alexandra and Lawrence Freiman
Jennifer and Michael Gardner
Lindsey and Zachary Gleitman
Carly and Jacob Goldberg
Greg Goldberg
Jennifer and Gregory Goldberg
Vicki Chou and Vadim Gorin
Eugenia and Adam Grayman
Mari and Alex Grodnik
Analia Saban and Erwin Grussie
Marchell and David Hilliard
Victoria Schwartz and Dr. Darin Hoffman
Samantha and Ryan Iwamoto
Tatijana and Andrew Janko
Dina and Dr. Michael Javaheri
Danielle Sebring and Alex Kargher
Alisa and Craig Karlan
Jackie and Michael King
Natalie and Peyman Kohanzadeh
Jan Kunesh
Ashley and Simon Lazar
Lauren Leeds and Nicholas Donin 
Melissa and Matthew Lewitz
Gwen and Gregory Lorber
Erica and Josh MaMann
Lindsey Goldburg and Alec McMordie
Heather and Scott Menkus
Alexandra and Trevor Miller
Marissa and Brandon Nadel
Bess Kargman and Matthew Orlando
Jenna and Neil Parris
Nina and Rambod Peykar
Sandra and David Pirnazar
Rachel and Adam Presser
Lauren Rabinowitz and Daniel Zweben
Alyssa and Garron Robinson
Margarita and Danny Rojany
Elyse and Andrew Rosenfield
Alexis and Seth Ross
Jessica and Evan Rothstein
Goli and Kayvon Rouhani
Denille and Jordan Sachs
Emily and Daniel Sands
Cami and Scott Sargent
Amanda and Jason Schutzbank
Diana Feinstein and Mark Sedlander
Gimena and Benhour Soleimani
Leslie and James Sterling
Jessica and Zachary Stiefler
Gary Sumers
Katie and Brian Sumers
Erica Tucker and Adi Weinberg
Sarah and Justin Urcis
Tiffany and Elroy Vojdani
Amanda and Gregory Wapnick
Robin and Samuel Warren
Rachel and Gabe Waterman
Margo and Zachary Weisz
Rachel and Daniel Zar

In Honor of:     
Elahe Gamliel by Alexis and Amir Gamliel
Karen Robbins' recovery by Naomi Reem-Gilat and Ronen Gilat
Stefanie Hagen, Ricky Rosin, and Cheryl Winiarz by Donna and Paul Nadel

In Loving Memory of:           
Sharona Buskila by Dr. Nilou Sherf and Hamid Barkhordar
              by Donna and Paul Nadel
Karen Selcov’s Father by Naomi Reem-Gilat and Ronen Gilat

Erika J Glazer Nursery School
In Honor of: 
Emmie and Aubrey Villasenor by Betsy Quick

Klein Family Fund for MFECC      
In Loving Memory of:
Lee Friedman by Linda and James Lippman


Camp Campaign       
David William Upham Foundation
LBS Financial Credit Union
Samuel J. and Thelma Sills Family Foundation

Camp Operations Fund       
Robin and Alan Aronson
Elaine Asa
Ruth Ann and Dr. Ken Bachrach
Nancy Barwig and Paul Nicksic
Nancy Bell
Sydnee and Jared Breuer
Wendy and David Cohen
Rhea Coskey
Andrea DeCastro
Julia Dick
Alexandra Donahoo
Hayley Dox-DaCosta 
Karen Davis and Daniel Faigin 
Lynn Dierking and  John Falk
Erica Feinman
Jana and Robert Fore
Randy Friedman
Maureen and Grant Gelberg
Julie Harris and Russell Ghitterman 
Lorraine Gildred
Terry and Todd Gilman
Dr. Mark Ginsburg
Lisa and Dr. Michael Gitter
Matthew Horwitz
Judy and Ronald Kabrins
Joshua Karbelnig
Lynne Diamond and Gary Kates
Stephanie Katz
Janet and Joseph Kaufman
Amanda Kelson and Jennifer Wilkinson
Iris and David Kent
Olivia Kohn
Charlie Kramer
Amy Kroll
Alexandra Kugler
Julia Levine
J. Lampert Levy
Joanne and David Lockman
Jamie and Doug Lynn
Linda Lynn
Talma and Ezra Maguen
Robin and Steven Mandel
Linda Ellman and Gary Mandinach 
Richard Marpet
Adriane and Dr. Allan Morrison
Sandra and Jeff Novack
Lisa and Robert Orlansky
Jonah Phillips
Charles Polep
Carlos Ramirez
Stephanie and Paul Reisz
Pamela and Clifford Rowe
Beth and Dr. Ronald Saul
Karen Schetina and David Japka
Lindsey Schiffman
Julie and Jeff Schoenfeld
Katie and Darren Segal
Tevin Adelman and Jen Shankman
Marilyn and Al Shelden
Jennifer Sherman
Elizabeth and Mitchell Siegler
Erica Turgeman
John Vacca
Jordan Vaughter
Ellen and Gerry Wacker
Alexis Allen and Michael Weiner

In Honor of:
Rabbi David Eshel by Jennifer and Brian Michael
           by Melissa Marantz Nealy Foundation
Hena and Etla Shulman by Veronika Shulman
Erica Feinman by Linda and Mark Feinman

In Loving Memory of:
DeWald, Dorothy, Diana, and Richard Baum by Dorothy and Lawrence Hoffman
Theresa R. Bell by Nancy Bell
Fred Ehrlich by Susan and Bill Ehrlich
Benjamin Fedowitz by Beth and Jan Goren
Father of Darryl Schall by Betty and Ross Winn
Joyce L. Wolf  by Dr. Robert Wolf

Camp Recovery Fund          
Laurie and James Hurl
Daniel Lapidus
Dana Levin Shrager and Stephen Shrager 
Susan Weil

In Honor of:         
Leadership 80 by Stephen Burdman

In Loving Memory of:           
Marilyn Kagan by Rochel Blachman
Frank Kohn by Merle and Arnie Weiner
Burt Pressman by Ellen Pressman
Irma Sparer by Susan and Bill Ehrlich
Ronald Vine by Susie Pressman

Thank You: 
Joan Marantz and Family by Rabbi Craig Marantz

Center Camp Campaign            
Carolyn and Craig Enenstein

Charles Bendit Campership Fund  
Jay Alhadeff

In Loving Memory of:           
Irene Saltzman by Gale and Gary Husney

Kehillah Community Fund  
Wendy and David Cohen
Amy and Denis Grunfeld
Hara Waldman and Prof. Hal Stern 

In Honor of:     
Alex, Ari, and Matthew Kaplan by Paula Kaplan

Rabbi Alfred Wolf Campership Fund 
Renee and Barry Cohn
Shelley and Jeff Finci
Mary Ann and David Wark

In Honor of: 
Rabbi Karen Fox by Michael Pogel

In Loving Memory of:
Alfred Coleman by Laurie and Dr. Paul Kelson
Robert Dworman by Diane Dresser
Mark Greenstein by Jill Greenstein
Suzanne Simonds by Adele MacArthur

Robert Shapiro Campership Fund
Myra Nourmand

In Loving Memory of: 
Arline Shapiro by Elizabeth and Hon. Norman Shapiro

Sauer Family Camp Fund
Steve Sauer

Shlichim Programming Fund      
Mary and Stephen Meadow


Big Give                      
Marjorie Blatt
Steve Hochman
Toni Schulman

Food Pantry   
Jean Cohen
Monica and Keith Dragoon
Arlene Fishbach
Lauren Polak
Helen and Dr. Jeffrey Rosenberg
Suzanne Rubin
Toby Horn and Harold Tomin

In Honor of:     
Saul Greenberg by Rebecca and Harold Greenberg
Estelle Markowitz by Jennie Waldow
Rabbi M. Beaumont Shapiro by Dr. Leslie Lackman
Annabel Slutske by Julia and Rabbi Joel Nickerson

In Loving Memory of: 
Madeline Auer Maslon by Dr. Robert Wolf
Betty Cohen by Margaret Pashkow
Joseph and Helen Dresser by Diane Dresser
Karen Gerod by Debra Gerod
​​Florence Kulwin by Diane Dresser
Lena Laska by Dr. Mark Laska
Samuel Levy by Robin and Michael Levy
Geraldine Nacht by Connie and George Nagler
Lorene Randall by Rowena and Dr. Neil Haas
Phillip H. Rauss by Laurie Rauss
​​George Schuchman by Alan Schuchman

Karsh Family Social Service Center 
Carol and Rand April
Nancy Bell
Johanna and Steve Berger
Lisa and Jonathan Bloch
Constance Burg
Sarah and Michael Chaskes
Mike Dile
Monica and Keith Dragoon
Jill and Burton Epstein
Aaron Farkas
Andrew Friedman
Cindy and Gary Frischling
Ali and Ryan Gagerman
Andrea and Steven Gardner
Eyal Goldmann
Laurie and Steven Gordon
Valerie and Hillard Gordon
Lisa Hackner
Sherry Heyman
Amy Lerner-Hill and Charles Hill
Marchell and David Hilliard
Karen Schetina and David Japka
Laura Kalb
Martha and Bruce Karsh
Jody Katz
Joan and Warren Kessler
Dena Bloom and Robert Klyman
Abby and David Kohl
Alicia and Bob Levitt
Bob and Samantha Lieberman
Andrea and Steven Lurie
Lina and Stephen O'Connor
Barbara Owens
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Powell
Janna Sidley
Clara Slifkin
Lila Guirguis 
Gail Spindler
Dale and Dennis Weiss
Janice and David Weissman
Wendy and Jay Wintrob
Susan Troy and Dr. S. Lawrence Zipursky

In Honor of:     
Rick and Sue Frankel by Ronnie Blakeney
Martha and Bruce Karsh by Judy and Alan Levine
Dena Bloom and Robert Klyman by Jennifer Billingsley
Gregory Pimstone and Lauryn Harris by Susan Herz
Rabbi M. Beaumont Shapiro by Dr. Leslie Lackman
                       by Lyn Goldinger
In Loving Memory of: 
Pearl Borinstein by Dr. Gary Gartsman
Marian Kopelove by Ruth Lynn and Henry Sobel