October, 2022

October, 2022

October 2022

Gifts received between October 1, 2022 and October 31, 2022

Anne & Nathan Spilberg Annual Fund
In Loving Memory of:
Bernard Basch by Susan and Bruce Levin
Barton Kogan by Susan and Bruce Levin

Brawerman Annual Giving Campaign 2022-23
Lida Abramov
Karen Yenofsky and William Askins
Samantha and Michael Auerbach
Sally and Jack Azad
Nooshin Messian and Igal Bakshandeh
Ghazal and Houman Bana
Lemor and Tomer Benito
Johannah and Steven Berger
Elishia and David Bolour
Niousha Mehrannia and Mark Broumand
Hillary Chesler
Adrienne Coffield
Karen and Brandon Cohen
Auriane Desombre
Christopher Donohoe
Rene and Danny Farah
Rozita and Behzad Farahdel
Behnoosh and Michael Farzam
Gillian and Adam Feldman
Rachel and Zachary Fine
Fernanda and Jonathan Flicker
Christine Flynn
Linda and Sean Foley
Jennifer and Michael Gardner
Julie and Craig Gerber
Rochelle and Jacob Glucksman
Lindy Goldberg
Lindsay Astor Grant
Emily and Alexander Hakim
Michelle Handzo
Romy Harari
Chloe Beckerman and  Justin Hardt
Neda and Cyrus Harouni
Debbie and Joshua Heald
Oriana Horowitz
Dana and Jeffrey Hynick
Bethany and Matthew Jacobs
Erin Jacobs
Michelle and Maxwell Kaizer
Benjamin Kamer
Joshua Karbelnig
Allison and Jeffrey Kleinman
Dana and Jodi Kravetz
Imbar and Stuart Lebowitz
Lindsay and Peter Lenavitt
Jessica and Lior Lewensztain
Jessica and Gregory Liberman
Adena Loewenthal
Rocio Lona
Rebecca and Joel Mandel
Lindsey Goldburg and Alec McMordie
Heather and Scott Menkus
Adrian and Larry Miller
Sharon and Fred Monempour
Randi and Patrick Moss
Donna and Paul Nadel
Michelle and Greg Nathan
Marlee Nesser
Charlene Niku
Jenn Palmer
Dana and David Pogoda
Melissa and David Presby
Julia and David Ramin
Talia and Jason Rimokh
Jessica and Cory Rosenberg
Janelle and Benjamin Ross
Maddie Rozells
Fariba and Shlomo Sameyah
Nicole Schoneman
Lauren and Andrew Schwartz
Gina and Todd Schwartz
Melanie Silvernail
Randi Singer
Benjamin Siskin
Caroline and Robby Soofer
Neda and Daniel Sooferian
Gila Tabibian
Stephanie and Steven Teitelbaum
Andrea Weinstein
Lauren and Matthew Weisbarth
Gilad Weisner
Rusty and Julie Weiss
Rachel and Jake Zacuto
Orit Ziv
Nadine and  Zach Zysman

In Honor of:
Ava Liatowitsch by Oriana Horowitz

In Loving Memory of:
Teresa Smeke by Joanne Nabielsky and Emilio Smeke

Big Give
Melanie and Michael Alkov
Kathy Farkas and Chris Angel
Jennifer Lui and Jim Bloomfield
Michael and Sarah Chaskes
Julie and Robert Edelstein
Mark Epstein and Laura Ullman Epstein
Carol and Kevin Gelbard
Suzanne Gorlick
Joanne and Jeff Grant
Nancy and Ian Greenstein
Gai Klass and Michael Stern
Janet Lever
Bob and Alicia Levitt
Loris and Kory Lunsford
Rebecca and David Mandel
David and Lauri Martin
Susan and Stephen Matloff
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Meadow
Charles Polep
Naomi Reem-Gilat and Ronen Gilat
Francine Sanders
Steve Sauer
Nancy and David Schwartz
Janet and Michael Soffer
David and Deborah Trainer
Michael Wachs
Jeremy and Hila Wenokur
Elly and Dan Wolf
Lauren Zweben

For the Birthday of:
Aiden Schiller by Maskit and Gary Schiller

In Loving Memory of:
Betty Cohen by Ann and Steven Sunshine
Lola and Irwin Jameson by Ellen Creamer
Stan and Wini Kaltman by Todd Kaltman
Dora and Morry Weinstein by Linda and Eugene Weiss
Bertram Zweig by Michelle Zweig

Brawerman Elementary School Nadine Breuer Endowment Fund
Jamie and Pej Sabet

In Loving Memory of:
Jordan Ehrlich by Nadine and Steve Breuer

Camp Campaign
Mary and Markus Mettler

Camp Operations Fund
Sydnee and Jared Breuer
Julia Dick
Lisa and Leonard Dick
Alexandra Donahoo
Hayley Dox
Carolyn and Craig Enenstein
Erica Feinman
Maureen Gelberg
Matthew Horwitz
Joshua Karbelnig
Olivia Kohn
Charlie Kramer
Alexandra Kugler
Julia Witkow
Jonah Phillips
Carlos Ramirez
Lindsey Schiffman
Katie and Darren Segal
Jennifer Sherman
Erica Turgeman
Jordan Vaughter

In Loving Memory of:
Micah Amado by Lisa Agay Getz and Stan Getz
Jordan Ehrlich by Bill and Susan Ehrlich
Derek Gerson by Jeanne Gerson
Joseph Levy by Virginia and Fred Kulberg
Adele Pollock by Beth and Jan Goren
Joan and Leo Weil by Ilana Winter

Camp Recovery Fund
In Loving Memory of:
Carlyle Imerman by Merle and Arnie Weiner

Camp Scholarship
Renee and Barry Cohn

Clergy Fund
Rachel and Charles Schwartz
Linda and Eugene Weiss

Thank you to:
Rabbi David Eshel by Natalie and Kenneth Wolfe

In Loving Memory of:
Les Bateman by Esta Bateman
Esther Caden by Diana Arnold-Grycan
Estera Pulvermacher by Corrine and Lenny Sands
Jessica Schroeder by Stewart Chesler and Iva Schroeder

Food Pantry
Susan Schneideman and Kenneth Korman
Leslie Lackman

In honor of:
Alexis Levine by Rabbi David and Stephanie Eshel
Sadie Seidler by Brittany Grinham

In Loving Memory of:
Betty Cohen by Ann Rubin
Joshua Gerson by Jeanne Gerson
Haskel Kramer by Florence Stark
Richard Motley by Leanore and Donald Motley
Louis Stark by Florence Stark
Mayo Stark by Florence Stark

Karsh Family Social Service Center Fund
Claudia and Roberto Apelfeld
Esther and Jack Cohen
Lawrence and Diane Halperin
Harold Tomin and Toby Horn
Laura Kalb
Nancy and Steve Levine
Nancy and Eric Ritter
Helen and Jeffrey Rosenberg
Todd and Lauren Rosenberg
Jerry Schwartz and Ruth Stoch

In honor of:
Tracie Brown and Wesley Friedman by Paula and Bruce Bennett
Lila Guirguis by Rand and Carol April
Sadie Seidler by David Bott
        by Gemma Levinson
Brian Sumers by Claire Murphy
Aidan Wahl by Linda and David Gittelson

Congratulations to:
Sadie Seidler by Peggy and Stephen Davis
        by Allison Isenberg

In Loving Memory of:
Ruth and Jacob Bernstein by William Bernstein
Pearl Borinstein by Gary Gartsman
Shulamit Katz by Erwin and Caren Sokol

Kehillah Community Fund
In Loving Memory of:
Ann Lauterbach by Betty and Ross Winn

Koleinu Fund
In honor of:
Rabbi Joel Nickerson by Jan Stanton

Lisa Bro Goldberg Youth Scholarship Fund
In Loving Memory of:
Lisa Bro Goldberg by Merete Goldberg
        by Staten and Karen Williams

Mitzvah Corps/Caring Community Fund
Oana Grosu

In Loving Memory of:
Henrietta Breitbart by Sydnee and Jared Breuer

Mitzvah Fund
Beth and Barry Rosenbloom

In Loving Memory of:
Joyce Slayton by Donna and Paul Nadel

Music Publication Fund
In Loving Memory of:
Betty Lindner by Eileen Seidlin
Gabriel Loebl by Donna and Paul Nadel

Naiman Family Camp Fund
In Loving Memory of:
Arnold Greenberg by Anita and Loren Naiman

Prayerbook Dedication and Publication
In Loving Memory of:
Max Edelstein by Ruth Yablans

Rabbi Alfred Wolf Campership Fund
In Loving Memory of:
Esther Brandt by Gordon Gelfond
Ann Cooper by Marcia and Joel Markowitz
Robert Markowitz by Marcia and Joel Markowitz

Rabbi Edgar F. Magnin Fund
In Loving Memory of:
Ellis Landsbaum by Claire Landsbaum
Liesa Schiller by Maskit and Gary Schiller

Religious School-Julia Siegler Fund
In Loving Memory of:
Shulamit Katz by Michael and Sarah Chaskes

Religious School Scholarship Fund
In Loving Memory of:
David Dragon by Donna and Paul Nadel

Shulamit Katz Summer-in-Israel Scholarship
Howard and Suzanne Weisberg

In Loving Memory of:
Shulamit Katz by Barbara Borsuk
by Brad and Karen Ellison
by Lori Freehling
by Suzanne Giambattista
by Barbara Hechtman
by Steven and Mona Miller
by Lawrence and Marion Phillips
by Barry and Elaine Sikov

Sills Family Campership Fund
In Loving Memory of:
Harry Golden by Robin and Robert Sills
Nathan Sills by Susan and Tom Casamassima
        by Robin and Robert Sills

The Temple Fund
Edi Banafsheha
Jessica Beiler
John Benfield and Mary Ann Shaw
Jordan Breuer
Rachel and Zachary Fine
Sherri and John Fogelman
Cathy Gordon
Elizabeth Green and Josef Sipkins
Iradj Kayvon
Maxine Keith
Anita Jodelsohn Mazey and Kenneth Mazey
Helene and Thomas Morgan
Joseph and Cantor Lisa Peicott
Ronnie Reade
Harvey and Marilyn Schneider
Nancy and David Schwartz
Amy and Jeffrey Straus
Harold Tomin and Toby Horn
Marsha and David Edell
Cecelia and William Feiler

In honor of:
Elissa Ben-Naim by Kara and Brad Slater
Cantor Don Gurney by Lauren Polak
Rabbi Steve Leder by California Community Foundation
by Ann Labe-Givon and Bernd Givon
by Lauren Polak
Myer Orlikoff by Steven Orlikoff

In Loving Memory of:
Arlen Andelson by Michele Andelson
Sarah Blum by Gail and Joseph Lowenstein
Gene Brussell by Daniel and Mary Brussell
Joan Cohen by Lorette and Keith Gross
David Dragon by Vlad and Jodi Berman Kustanovich
Anna Lee Dreyer by Leila Shaffer
Philip Engel by Phyllis Kassel
Aileen Fein by Mara and Harvey Fein
Burton Fein by Mara and Harvey Fein
Norman Felsenthal by Donna and Paul Nadel
Jerome Franklin by Leah Jones
Jules Gordon by Valerie and Hillard Gordon
Charlie Grace by Marlene White Lenard
David Greenberg by Fred Kunik and Susan Greenberg-Kunik
Ada Hecht by Ann Saltzman
Edith Hecht by Mara and Harvey Fein
Jacob Hecht by Mara and Harvey Fein
Erna Heller by Colleen and Lawrence Heller
Harry Kaplan by Blaire and Aaron Kaplan
Shulamit Katz by Stanley Iezman and Nancy Stark
Regina Kleiner by Lindsey Goldburg and Alec McMordie
        by Gretchen and Jonathan Klein
Bertha Kleinman by Fred Kunik and Susan Greenberg-Kunik
Ann Lauterbach by Kara Ahmanson
        by Donna and Paul Nadel
Asher Meshkanian by Jilla MeshkanianYahid and Vahid Yahid
Leonard Miller by Fred and Judy Zolan
Suzanne Fein Murphy by Mara and Harvey Fein
Katherine Newmark by Judy Appelbaum
        by Margaret Levine
Michael Plattus by Norman Schwab and Ada Lee Plattus
Adele Pollock by Mark and Shari Pollock
Tamara Rand by Rhonda Rand
Irwin Rosen by David and Masako Rosen
Isidore Rosenberg by Beth and Barry Rosenbloom
Irene Stein by Mara and Harvey Fein
Ret Turner by Jean Turner Drufner
Jerry Weiser by Jill and Burton Epstein

Tikkun Olam - Social Action Fund
In Loving Memory of:
Morris and Alma Abrams by Robin and Mark Vogel
Helen Breitbart by Sydnee and Jared Breuer
Shulamit Katz by Steven Goldsobel and Toni Chan-Goldsobel
Gilbert Mombach by Patti and Dan Stein
Tsador Pugach by Robin and Mark Vogel

University Early Childhood Center
In Loving Memory of:
Richard Kirschner by Louise Kirschner

WBT Sisterhood Fund
National Mah Jongg League, Inc

For the speedy recovery of:
Cindy Lederer by Ricky Dennis

In Loving Memory of:
Sonia Margolis by Geoffrey and Leslie Margolis