September, 2022

September, 2022

September 2022

Gifts received between September 1, 2022 and September 30, 2022

Anne & Nathan Spilberg Annual Fund
In Loving Memory of:
Alfred Levin by Susan and Bruce Levin

Brawerman Annual Giving Campaign 2022-23
Lisa and Dave Alpern
Rabbi Elissa and Gal Ben-Naim
Alison and Ben Levine
Wendy Maduff
Bryce and Jason Ozur
Rebecca Spain

In Loving Memory of:
Isabel de Castro-Abeger by Adrienne Coffield

In Loving Memory of:
Wendy Harrison by Adrienne Coffield

In Loving Memory of:
Wendy Harrison by Naomi Reem-Gilat and Ronen Gilat

In Honor of:
Rabbi Elissa Ben-Naim for officiating our life cycle event by The Altshule Family

Camp Campaign
Mary and Markus Mettler

Camp Operations Fund
Sydnee and Jared Breuer
Barbara and Todd Cobin
Julia Dick
Alexandra Donahoo
Hayley Dox
Erica Feinman
Maureen Gelberg
Matthew Horwitz
Joshua Karbelnig
Olivia Kohn
Charlie Kramer
Alexandra Kugler
Jonah Phillips
Carlos Ramirez
Lindsey Schiffman
Katie and Darren Segal
Jennifer Sherman
Kenneth Stoff
Erica Turgeman
Jordan Vaughter
Julia Witkow

In honor of:
Ellen Sugerman by Rochelle and Eli Ginsburg

In Loving Memory of:
Zane Feldman by Sheri and Allen Tuchman
Milton Hoffman by Sheri and Allen Tuchman
Joan and Leo Weil by Ilana Winter

Clergy Fund
In honor of:
Cantor Don Gurney by Michelle Zweig
Rabbi Joel Nickerson by Lisa Chorna

In Loving Memory of:
Harry Feldman by Bette Feldman
Jordon Feldman by Bette Feldman
Marvin Fishmann by Andrew Fishmann

Erika J Glazer Nursery School
In Loving Memory of:
Bernie Blair by Andrew and Roslyn Natker
Scott Jacks by Marsha Jacks
Lorraine Lowy by Marsha Jacks

Food Pantry
Nicholas Zielinski

Congratulations to:
Tracie and Wesley Friedman by Elizabeth Cashin

In Loving Memory of:
Betty Cohen by Maskit and Gary Schiller
                     by Michael Wachs
Herbert Epstein by Debra Epstein
Ramon Gerson by Jeanne Gerson
William Glick by Robert Wolf
William Grueber by Ronnye Grueber
Mitchel Lehrner by Robert Wolf
Herbert Lindenbaum by Jeanne Gerson
Alvin Mark by Vera and Steven Mark

Karsh Family Social Service Center Fund
Dena Bloom and Robert Klyman
Dana and Richard Pachulski
Lawrence and Sandra Post
Helen and Jeffrey Rosenberg
Nicholas Zielinski

In honor of:
Bernd Givon by Joyce Tapper and Richard Dickman
Rabbi Joel Nickerson by Michelle Zweig

In Loving Memory of:
Pearl Borinstein by Gary Gartsman
Marilyn Renee Brown by Laurie Brown Craig
Betty Cohen by Linda Mandel
Joan Cohen by Stephen and Renee Gingold
Sue Dorskind by DeeDee Dorskind
Richard Epstein by Jill and Burton Epstein
Evelyn Greenberg by Joshua and Susan Wieder
Carrie Hayden Gerson by Jeanne Gerson
Norman Hoffman by Andrea and Steven Gardner
Hien Phan by Michael and Sarah Chaskes

Kehillah Community Fund
Amy and Denis Grunfeld
Betty and Ross Winn

Koleinu Fund
In honor of:
Rabbi Joel Nickerson by Janice and Daniel Wallace

In Loving Memory of:
Bertram Zweig by Michelle Zweig

Lisa Bro Goldberg Youth Scholarship Fund
In Loving Memory of:
Ellen Kaufman by Marian Kaufman

Lois Jeanne Levy Memorial Campership
In Loving Memory of:
Martin Drexler by Cynthia Levy

Music Publication Fund
In honor of:
Cantor Don Gurney by Janice and Daniel Wallace

Rabbi Alfred Wolf Campership Fund
In honor of:
Rabbi Karen Fox by Barry Forman and Andrea Pflug

In Loving Memory of:
Edith Leveson by Linda and Larry Wolf

Rabbi Edgar F. Magnin Fund
In Loving Memory of:
Lilian Mereny by Carol Krasne
Ralph Snyder by Rick Chimienti
Fern Wallace by Janice and Daniel Wallace

Robert Shapiro Campership Fund
In Loving Memory of:
Robert Shapiro by Elizabeth and Norman Shapiro
                         by Jill and Burton Epstein

Shulamit Katz Summer-in-Israel Scholarship
In Loving Memory of:
Joan Cohen by Steven and Mona Miller

Sills Family Campership Fund
Susan and Tom Casamassima

In Loving Memory of:
Thelma Sills by Robin and Robert Sills

The Temple Fund
Melanie and Michael Alkov
Edi Banafsheha
John Benfield and Mary Ann Shaw
Chad Brownstein
Todd and Kairavi Daum
Courtenay Edelhart
Lauren and Joshua Fein
Donna Fields
Alex Gantz
Susanne Goldstein
Adam and Jessica Goodman
Jay Roth and Sherry Grant
Kaitlyn and Joel Israel
Nikki and Peter Jarowey
Helen and Jared Kassan
Laurie and Steven Kend
Edith Krygier
Florence Mangel
Marcia and Doug Mankoff
Anita Jodelsohn Mazey and Kenneth Mazey
Holly and Joshua Moradfar
Ed Moss and Marnie Bodek
Jeannine Ramer
Neri and Omer Singer
Marin and Ross Sklar
Hillary and Brett Thomas
Alan and Susan Tivoli
Marci and Rudy Valner
Rachel and Gabe Waterman

Thank you to:
Wilshire Boulevard Temple by Fonda Morgan

For the Birthday of:
James Nathan by Linda and Lawrence Elins

For the speedy recovery of:
Arthur Salter by Judithe and Arthur Salter

In honor of:
Joan Cohen by Stanley Iezman and Nancy Stark
Vicky and Chip Goodman by Robin and Mark Vogel

In Loving Memory of:
Joan Adler by Melvin Adler
                  by Dayle and Charles Dolginer
Samuel Bauman by Ruth Halper
Mel Baumwohl by Adrienne and Stanford Rubin
Pearl Borinstein by Joan Borinstein
Henrietta Blumer by Lisa Agay Getz and Stan Getz
Joan Cohen by Donna and Paul Nadel
Teresa Cohen by Joshua and Susan Wieder
Suzanne Corets by Beth Corets and Al Gough and Family
Solomon Davidow by Robert and Suzanne Davidow
Arthur Epstein by Alan Epstein and Megan McGowan Epstein
Frank Fenton by Judie Fenton
Gerald Fields by Bobbie Fields
Carol Gantz by Alex Gantz
Harold Gelfand by Arline Gelfand
Betty Hadden by Michele and Larry Lynch
Ben Kaplan by Blaire and Aaron Kaplan
Hilda Kaplan by Blaire and Aaron Kaplan
Sylvia Kaplan by Donald and Linda Kaplan
Ray Kurtz by Andi and Malcolm Orland
Laura Nadoolman by Deborah and John Landis
Saul Orland by Andi and Malcolm Orland
Rassy Plattus by Norman Schwab and Ada Lee Plattus
Cynthia Rosenwald by Beth and Barry Rosenbloom
Lea Serlin by Blaire and Aaron Kaplan
Eva Schenk by William Turner and Jessica Kronstadt
Charles Schroeder by Stewart Chesler and Iva Schroeder
Selma Schulman by Jill Schulman
Jay Slotkin by Lisa and Bradley Mindlin
Bob Whitman by The Biren Family