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At our Early Childhood Centers, in light of the school closures, our administrative staff and faculty have adjusted to an online-learning model. The staff has been participating in virtual staff training, learning how to run a Synchronous Virtual program for young children. Through trial and error, as well as parent feedback, our virtual program has improved daily. 

We know that many of our parents are working from home, many have more than one child, and are balancing responsibilities. Right now, we are supporting our families the best ways that we can. We have added videos, links, and updates on our website. Please go to wbtecc.org/at-home to access these wonderful resources. We have created a flexible daily schedule for young children that parents can use and adjust to make it work for them. Teachers hold daily classroom meetings using Zoom, which supports socialization and routines. Children know the time of day when they can see their teachers and friends. We also host daily online programming, such as music with Jason Mesches, Torah Talk with Clergy, and Art with our atelieristas, for children to tune in and participate. Also through Zoom, we host Monday morning Havdalah with each class and Shabbat programming on Fridays. Additionally, we are offering parent learning opportunities (including a Coffee with Carol discussing toilet learning), as well as evening parent-support talks. 

We are sending families many ideas and questions to pose to their children. Teachers are emailing videos, recipes, and science activities, and we have added art suggestions from our atelieristas, too. We are calling, sending letters to children, and FaceTiming or Skyping with them. We are such a special community, and we will remain a community through these nerve-racking times.