June, 2022

June, 2022

June 2022

Gifts received between June 1, 2022 and June 30, 2022

Anne & Nathan Spilberg Annual Fund
In Loving Memory of:
Jeanette Levin by Brandon and Claudia Levin
                        by Susan and Bruce Levin
Brawerman Annual Giving Campaign
Linda and Donald Blauner
Ruth Yablans
Nadine Breuer Endowment Fund
In Loving Memory of:
Charles Hart by Lizzie and Gil Harari
Jeanette “Gerry” Markman by Lizzie and Gil Harari
Camp Operation Fund
Jared and Sydnee Breuer
Julia Dick
Alexandra Donahoo
Hayley Dox
Erica Feinman
Maureen Gelberg
Matthew Horwitz
Joshua Karbelnig
Olivia Kohn
Charlie Kramer
Alexandra Kugler
Cheri and Bob Lauterbach
Edward D and Anna Mitchell Family Foundation
Jonah Phillips
Carlos Ramirez
Lindsey Schiffman
Katie and Darren Segal
Jennifer Sherman
Erica Turgeman
Jordan Vaughter
Julia Witkow

In Loving Memory of:
Sherwin Swartz by Vicky Swartz
Joan and Leo Weil by Ilana Winter
Clergy Fund
Jennifer and Brian Wolf
In Loving Memory of:
Alfons Levy by Lawrence and Marion Phillips
Ronald Meltzer by Jodi and Douglas Galen
Julie Sachse by Edmond Sachse

Food Pantry
Jeanne Gerson
Helen Lewis
Christine and David Peskin
Helen and Jeffrey Rosenberg

In Loving Memory of:
Ed Chanes by Norman Chanes and Ronnie Shapiro
Aileen Fein by Harvey and Mara Fein
Lola and Irwin Jameson by Ellen Creamer
Morris Levy by Shirley Haiman
                        by Judi and Paul Lippe
Abe London by Vera and Steven Mark
Morris Motley by Leanore and Donald Motley
Sylvia Morris by Ronnye Grueber
Ralph Rosenbluth by Susan and Roy Rosenbluth
Charles Royce by Deborah and Robert Kleinman
Issy Slome by Ansel and Lynn Brody Slome
Jeanette Sherman by Muriel and Neil Sherman
Theodore Urban by Audrey and Joe Finci
Alvin Vogel by Robin and Mark Vogel
Harvey J. & Sybil A. Fields Educational Scholarship Fund
In Loving Memory of:
Steven Kessler by Barbara Kessler
Karsh Family Social Service Center Fund
Susan and Michael Horn
Steven and Michele Lewis
Mann ECC DK Bet Class
Todd and Lauren Rosenberg

Congratulations to:
Max J. Eisenberg by Debra Cowan
        by Karen and Martin Farber
                        by Rochelle and Richard Maize
Daniel Matloff by Jason Zedeck

In honor of:
Nan Goodman by Debbie Becker
In Loving Memory of:
Pearl Borinstein by Gary Gartsman
Albert Burg by Constance Burg
Jay Hertz by David Krauss and Abbi Hertz
Aileen Lindenbaum by Jeanne Gerson
Helen Roseman by Steven Goldsobel and Toni Chan-Goldsobel

Kehillah Community Fund
Amy and Dennis Grunfeld
Koleinu Fund
Thank you to:
Rabbi Joel Nickerson by Michelle and Keith Richman
Cantor Lisa Peicott by Michelle and Keith Richman
Music Publication Fund
Lynda and Mitch Dorf
In Loving Memory of:
Lester Levy by Kerith Spencer-Shapiro and Scott Spencer
Pulpit Flowers
Janet Gross
In honor of:
Susan Greenberg by Harold Greenberg
In Loving Memory of:
Raymond Feldman by Rand and Carol April
Martin Small by Robin and Michael Levy
Rabbi Alfred Wolf Campership Fund
In honor of:
Jenna Kreigler by Laurie and Paul Kelson
In Loving Memory of:
Harold Brandt by Gordon Gelfond
David Lubitz by Linda and Stuart Lubitz
Herbert Schirmer and Jacob Schwartz by Janis Schwartz
Isaac Shaw by Barbara and Robert Shaw
Shulamit Katz Summer-in-Israel Scholarship
In Loving Memory of:
Helen Roseman by Steven and Mona Miller
Susan and Meredith Fishman Memorial Fund
In Loving Memory of:
Isador Pastor by Richard Fishman
The Temple Fund
Edi Banafsheha
Dennis Beck
John Benfield and Mary Ann Shaw
Susan and David Boyer
Edythe Broad
Linda and Edward Brown
Keren Duran
Angela and Daniel Feiner
Judie Fenton
Marshall and Patricia Geller
Ilene and Stanley Gold
Bari and Steven Good
Jill Gottlieb
Nathalie and Michael Huddleston
Mei-Ling Hubbard and Nathan Bockelman
Barbara Kahn
Cary and Jennifer Kleinman
Stuart Lampert
Lorin Michaels
Hillary and Lance Milken
Jeannine Ramer
Elyse Salend and Jon Pynoos
Judithe and Arthur Salter
Rhonda Schwartz
Stanley and Patricia Silver
Florence Stark
Joyce Tapper and Richard Dickman
Julia and Kenneth Uslan
Dennis and Dale Weiss
In honor of:
Saralyn Sidley and Milton Sidley by Wendy and Michael Sidley
In Loving Memory of:
Alan Barbakow by Jason and Carly Friedberg
James Bayer by Rick and Shelley Bayer
Irving Cheslaw by Ann Cheslaw
Jerome Fink by David and Jody Lippman    
Marvin Gantz by Alan Gantz     
Matthew Gantz by Alan Gantz
Ida Goldberg by Carole Goldberg  
Joseph Goldberg by Carole Goldberg
Howard Greller by Linda Lushing Greller
Kaila Itzkowitz by Toby Berkow 
Sidney Katz by Jean Rosenbaum-Katz  
Margaret Kline by Ruth and George Furst
Mildred Lewis by Eugene and Judy Wagner    
Charles Royce by Dorothy Royce   
Stanley Mosk by Sandra Mosk           
Frances Myman by Diana Arnold-Grycan
JC Nadel by Saramar Charitable Fund
Lil Newman by Debra and Richard Powell   
Melvin Peters by Sandra Peters  
Minnie Rubin by Sheila and Barry Rubin
Joan Seff by Zachary Seff
Sylvia Schlosser by Diana Arnold-Grycan
Leon Sherman by Muriel and Neil Sherman
Myron Sholem by Jaye and Neal Eigler
Max Sobel by Henry and Ruth Lynn Sobel         
Paul Spindler by Gail Spindler
Stan Tendler by Bettina O'Mara     

Tikkun Olam - Social Action Fund
In honor of:
James Ruxin by Iris Bachman
In Loving Memory of:
Saul Blonder by Linda and Eugene Weiss
Kent Sherman by Muriel and Neil Sherman
Suzanne Murphy by Harvey and Mara Fein
Dora Weinstein by Linda and Eugene Weiss      
Mitzvah Corps/Caring Community Fund
In Loving Memory of:
Max Margolis by Geoffrey and Leslie Margolis
Arnold Mullens by Geoffrey and Leslie Margolis 
Myrtle Mullens by Geoffrey and Leslie Margolis
Rabbi Edgar F. Magnin Endowment Fund
In Loving Memory of:
Charlotte Hirsch by Donald Hirsch
Mabel and Arthur Samter by Ellen Creamer
Erika J Glazer Early Childhood Center
In Loving Memory of:
Sheila Grace White Miller by Marlene White Lenard
Ben-Ishai -Religious School Scholarship Fund
In Loving Memory of:
Elihu Ben-Gera by Nechmad Ben-Ishai
Anat Ben-Ishai by Nechmad Ben-Ishai