Welcome to My Kitchen: Thousand Year Old Eggs!

Welcome to My Kitchen: Thousand Year Old Eggs!

Not Your Typical Boiled Egg

In time for Passover, temple congregant Susan Casamassima (aka "SuCasa") teaches us how to make Trieste-Style Thousand Year Old Eggs, a traditional Sephardic dish served at Passover. Susan is Ashkenazi Jewish and her husband Tom is Italian-American, so this recipe – a popular dish cooked by the Jewish community of Trieste, Italy– combines both their heritages (Jewish and Italian). Flavored with onion skins, spices and coffee grounds, the eggs are cooked on top of a stove (on very low heat) for six hours. The result is a nutty and creamy egg, pale brown in color. 



Onion skins


Bay leaves 


Coffee grounds

Olive oil 


Cook time: 6 hours




1.     First, make sure you are using a heavy pot with a heavy lid (so the water doesn’t evaporate while boiling)

2.     Layer onion skins in bottom of pot

3.     Then add eggs

4.     Add a handful of cloves 

5.     Add a handful of black peppercorns

6.     Add two or three bay leaves

7.     Throw in used coffee grounds (from your morning coffee brew)

8.     Add ¼ cup of olive oil

9.     Add more onion skins

10.  Fill the pot with water and simmer on the stove for 6 hours (checking periodically to make sure there’s enough water – add more water if necessary)

11.  After six hours, your eggs are ready for their debut on the seder plate! Rinse them under cold water and enjoy!