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The hopeful news we announced in November about Wilshire Boulevard Temple and University Synagogue in Brentwood merging to become one congregation was unanimously approved by the Boards of Trustees of both Wilshire Boulevard Temple and University Synagogue. The merger agreement now proceeds to the Attorney General of the State of California for review before closing.

This historic union brings the best of each institution together to create a more vibrant, powerful, and creative Jewish future in West Los Angeles. The merger will result in a congregation of more than 2,700 families, combining our wonderful community and the warm University Synagogue community, each with a long proud history and a deep commitment to Reform Judaism and tikkun olam.

The current University Synagogue location will be named the Wilshire Boulevard Temple University Campus until a donor is found to rename the campus and provide for the physical upgrades it deserves. In addition to Wilshire Boulevard Temple's Irmas and Glazer campuses, the combined entity will boast a large and beautiful west side sanctuary for services, a large social hall for celebrations, classroom space for many early childhood center families we would otherwise not be able to accommodate due to space limitations at the Irmas Campus, an expansive religious school and youth program, a convenient location for daytime adult programming, and more hearts and souls to engage in the vital tikkun olam efforts of the Karsh Center. We expect these wonderful opportunities to inspire current members of both congregations, and also to attract hundreds of more families into Jewish life and learning who are currently not a part of any synagogue.

In an era when so many are drawing inward and sometimes feeling pessimistic about the future, we are embracing the journey ahead with optimism and plans for great success. Wilshire Boulevard Temple’s University Campus is a testament to the visionary DNA that has always been and always will be Wilshire Boulevard Temple.