Cantor Shapiro's Shabbat Message - October 21, 2022

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After the hustle and bustle of our High Holy days and the following Chagim we have come to the final days of Moses, sung out the words “chazak, chazak” (May we be strengthened) and this Shabbat we turn to our creation story in parshat B’reishit (Genesis).

In the creation story of our modern world, scientists have offered the idea that the Big Bang was audible as a hum and then a bang. Our unique Jewish creation story begins with a word that the rabbis have paid close attention to because while it most often is translated as “in the beginning,” it can also be interpreted as “in a beginning."

Lawrence Kramer, in The Hum of the World, writes, “Sound is the primary medium through which the presence and persistence of life assume tangible form.” 

In other words, we, like God, have the ability to speak worlds into existence. 

As we begin a new cycle this year, having shed our disappointments in ourselves at the beach during Tashlich, and communally joined together in vidui, recognizing our failings and shortcomings during Yom Kippur, what worlds do we want to bring forth with a hum or a bang? What gifts will we offer our partners, our children, our friends, our temple community? 

B’reishit opens a door for us to step through, imagining new beginnings for ourselves and our community. We hope that the new beginnings you envision for yourself and your loved ones include a commitment to your Jewish community, as we are busy envisioning new beginnings with you!

Cantor Shapiro