Rabbi Nickerson's Shabbat Message - Deal of the Millenium - November 25, 2022

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Rabbi Nickerson's Shabbat Message - Deal of the Millenium - November 25, 2022

There is no way to ignore the violence we’ve witnessed this past week in the United States and in Israel. It’s all terrible and tragic. But amidst all of it, I’ve also had meaningful conversations with people who have reconnected to our Jewish tradition, some of whom decided to join our tribe through conversion, and those who are beginning to explore the possibility of joining our Jewish family. They all shared beautiful sentiments about the elements of our tradition that uplift and energize them.

So, inspired by those conversations, and in the spirit of Black Friday, I created a brief ‘advertisement’ for what I believe is THE best item on the market today :)

Sincerely, Joel


Our Best Black Friday Deal - The deal of the millennium!
 Instead of acquiring that new ‘something’ that you don’t actually need, why not invest your resources and time in this fabulous gift that will keep on giving for generations to come?!1
Here are just 6 of the multiple reasons why this investment is better than anything you’ll find today:


1)  Our ancient book of wisdom, the Torah, is time-tested to survive any and all challenges that come your way! Since our people’s history is rife with displacement and persecution, we have figured out a way to take our stories and values with us in just one scroll!2 Not limited to one location, the depth of our texts can be accessed anywhere and can address many of today’s issues and challenges. If you want guidance on your relationships, how to navigate today’s divisive world, how to define success, what you can do to try and improve the world, then this tradition can provide the answers!3

2)  We are the masters of ritual! We know how to celebrate joyous moments and we also know how to support you in times of sadness and grief. From birth until death, we know how to highlight the emotions you’re feeling and give direction on how to truly ‘be in the moment’. We know it’s easy to get stuck in a monotonous approach to your day, week, month, and year. That’s why we’ve developed rituals and holidays to make sure you remember what matters in life.4 And even better, we show you how to do all of this with other people so that you can be connected, even when you may be feeling alone!

3)  If you’re looking for spirituality, look no further! Over thousands of years, we’ve mastered various methods of tapping into something bigger than ourselves. Whether through meditation, prayer, connection to the natural world, or the creative arts, our tradition can give you that daily uplift you’re searching for.5

4)  Worried about the world that’s being left for your children and grandchildren? Concerned about the environment, poverty, the influence of social media, political dissension and violence, and other issues plaguing our world? Our tradition has plenty to say about all — and it even provides tools to help address many of these issues! While we can’t guarantee complete resolution, we can guarantee serious guidance and values that can bring about change. Repairing the world is what we’re all about!6

5)  We are more diverse than you may think. We are not monolithic. We view that as a huge asset! We represent all shapes, colors, and sizes, not to mention a whole range of beliefs and practices. We welcome those who weren’t born into our tradition to join us and since we’ve always been a minority in society, we value alliances with others who have faced historic challenges. We know what it’s like to be different; that means we have serious strength and resilience.

6)  We have a homeland! While it’s been a part of our story since the beginning, you can now consider yourself a ‘co-owner’ of a beautiful piece of property along the Mediterranean. No other place on earth combines a variety of natural phenomena with historical sites of steep significance for three major religions. With the revitalization of the Hebrew language, cities that blend the ancient and modern, global technological leadership, and so much more – a visit to Israel connects you to the past and present unlike anywhere else in the world!7

And those are just a few of the many benefits coming your way! For more information on the emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, intellectual, communal, and societal benefits, please reach out to us - we can’t wait to hear from you!

Shabbat Shalom.


P.S. This deal never ends!


Obviously, this just scratches the surface so I’d love to hear from you about what you would add to this ‘advertisement’!


1 The future of the Jewish people depends on your investment today! Based on recent data, the level of engagement in Jewish life continues to wane. And if we want to reverse that trend, or at least slow it down, we must find ways to connect in more substantive and meaningful ways.

2 In actuality, we have many wisdom texts, including: Talmud, Zohar, and much more.

3 Please keep in mind that unlike dogma, Judaism offers guidance and wisdom that must be interpreted based on your own set of beliefs, and usually requires engagement with others. Bonus gift: Our tradition feels strongly that your ability to unlock the wisdom of our texts will require you to study with others, the most traditional form of which is chevruta - one-on-one dialogue with another person about your own interpretations of the text at hand.

4 In addition, we link all of these rituals and holidays to delicious food that will be just as memorable as the rituals themselves!

5 Belief in God is not required. Struggling with the concept of God is highly recommended!

6 While it is not on your shoulders alone to fix all the issues of the world, we believe you are not allowed to stand idly by.

7 As wonderful as it is to learn about Israel ‘on paper’, there’s nothing more powerful than visiting in-person - that’s when a magical connection truly occurs! Book a trip ASAP.