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The Tools Dad Left Me Can't Fix My Broken Heart

My mom tried her best to say it casually, but it was still such a painful sentence: “Steven honey, now that dad is in the nursing home and the town house is sold, before I give everything away you should go downstairs in the basement and take whatever you want.” 

My dad was not a materialistic guy. He worried about money his entire life — to the point that even after he made it in business, he still reused his dental floss — after all, why throw away a perfectly good piece? And don’t get me started on the used tea bags wrapped in paper napkins he pulled out of his shirt pocket while asking the waitress for “just a little hot water.”

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5 Things We Learned on Shavout

Compared to the other popular Jewish holidays, Shavuot can get overshadowed...but at Wilshire Boulevard Temple, we put Shavuot on center stage at our multigenerational "Shavuot Celebration - Saw You at Sinai," where we celebrated the holiday with puppet shows, sing-alongs, calligraphy classes and a kosher wine tasting. 

Follow the link to see five things we learned about Shavuot - plus a few moments that made the day especially memorable.

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