Interior Sanctuary

Music.  It matters.

Here’s what philosopher and naturalist Henry David Thoreau wrote about music: “Ah, if I could only put into words that music which I hear, that music which can bring tears to the eyes of marble statues, to which our very muscles are obedient.”

Neuroscientists confirm that Thoreau was actually scientifically correct, that music is as baked into the human brain and DNA as are eating, sleeping, and other bodily functions.

From primitive tribes to advanced societies, throughout all stages of human evolution, we have made music, song in particular. Music really does matter, and it always has. Passionate lovers of music and Jewish liturgy, the Hasidim, composed countless melodies expressing ecstatic joy and love of God. For them, words imprisoned the soul, so they created niggunim, songs without words, to connect their souls to the eternal.

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