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Kol Nidrei 5781/2020 - Rabbi Leder

Tonight, Jews all over the world confess our sins.  We say the Al Cheits in the plural, because we have all missed the mark this past year.  We are all, after all, only human.  There are 44 Al Cheits listed in the High Holy Day prayer book in the form of a double acrostic; each sin is listed alphabetically with two for each letter.  Two for Aleph, two for Bet, two for Gimmel.  Most scholars believe the earliest version of the Al Cheit is 2,000 years old and what amazes me about that is how little people have changed.  The sins of long ago are mostly no different than the sins of today:  A little gossip, some arrogance, a half-truth, fraud, anger, narrow mindedness.  In one sense, nothing much has changed in twenty centuries.   

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