Interior Sanctuary


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Rabbi Steve Leder

First of all, isn’t this amazing?  All of the rabbis in all of the synagogues all over the world are giving their sermons tonight virtually as we welcome the New Year.  This has resulted in a new pandemic, the largest ever outbreak of artificial insermonation!

Now that you’re done groaning at home, let me ask again, “Isn’t this amazing?”  Who would have thought that the world would change so quickly since we were all together last year in the sanctuary to welcome the New Year?  No in-person services.  No going to the office.  No going to the movies, restaurants, ball games, Shabbat services, weddings, b’nai mitzvah, concerts, vacations, airports, hotels.  The economy contracting, waistlines expanding.  Anxiety up.  Portfolios, down.  Jobs, gone, gains gone, fun gone, hugging gone…and the exhaustion of Zoom, after Zoom, after Zoom, day after day, after day.  So much is gone and so much has changed in what must be the most challenging time many of us have ever lived through.  But is it?

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