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Community Groups

From outstanding speakers and exclusive film screenings to enriching Torah study and emotional support groups, Wilshire Boulevard Temple's adult programs are designed to enrich cultural interests through a Jewish prism. There are many ways to be Jewish, and it is our intention to help you find the ways that speak to you -- at both the eastside Glazer campus, westside Irmas campus and the University campus in Brentwood.

For more information, contact Rabbi Susan Nanus, Director of Adult Programs, at, or Hannah Gole,
at or (424) 208-8932.


Women of Wilshire

The mission of Women Of Wilshire is to promote friendship and connection among women Temple members who are 50 and older. Our programs and events include museum trips, hikes, speakers, cooking classes, dinners, film screenings, game nights, bike rides, and other activities that enrich lives through cultural and intellectual pursuits.

All of the programs are conceived and implemented by volunteers, and event times are varied to accommodate the busy lives that women over 50 lead. 

As part of the program, we encourage women Temple members to join the Steering Committee to help plan events.

The most important aspect of Women of Wilshire is that it is a fun way to get to know other congregants. New friendships are formed as we make an effort to facilitate connection at both big and small events. Nobody feels alone when they come.


Linda Brown at or 
Peggy Davis at

Men of Wilshire

Men of Wilshire is an intergenerational group with fun, social, Judaic, and community-based activities. Our programs promote the building of lifelong friendships, and are a place where you can hang out, take a break from the pressures of life as we learn together in the process. From the great Los Angeles pastrami debate, to Israeli tech innovation, to the parallels of tequila and Torah, Men of Wilshire is here for us to improve, engage, and grow as Jewish men. 

For more information, contact Denise Magilnick at

Interfaith Partnerships

Befitting its prominence within the Los Angeles Jewish community, Wilshire Boulevard Temple has taken a leading role to engender understanding, support, and brotherhood with other religious groups across the region.

In recent years, the Temple has developed a deep and meaningful relationship with Faithful Central Bible Church in Inglewood. Dedicated to the concept of interfaith understanding and fellowship, we have worked to create a variety of experiences based on our shared values of godliness, justice, compassion, and education.

For information about our programs with Christian churches, contact Hannah Gole at or (424) 208-8932.