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The Temple Fund

Our Temple Fund Does two crucial things membership and security

Among the meaningful things the Temple Fund makes possible for our community, two are critical. The first is to keep us, our children, and our grandchildren safe. We take the responsibility for Temple security in this ever-changing world very seriously and devote whatever resources necessary to ensure that our security team, their equipment, and each campus’ security infrastructure are world-class. This is an enormous financial burden for the Temple, but one we must fulfill no matter what.

The second crucial use of the Temple Fund is to provide the necessary financial assistance to more than 800 families who could otherwise not afford to be a part of our community. The answer to any and every Jewish family that wants to participate fully in Jewish life must be yes.  

Please give what you can this year to the Temple Fund so that our great congregation and its families grow and thrive in safety. It is a mitzvah of the highest order.  


Rabbi Steve Leder and President Alberto Valner

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