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How to Support Afghan Refugees in the New Year

Many members of our Temple community have asked how they can provide support to recently-arrived refugees from Afghanistan. For those who are interested, Wilshire Boulevard Temple and the Karsh Center encourage you to consider the following efforts.

  • Support Team Rubicon, a nonprofit humanitarian and disaster relief organization, which is spearheading the urgent effort at sites throughout the country to welcome Afghan individuals and families as they arrive on U.S. soil. Wilshire Boulevard Temple’s Disaster Response Team has worked side by side  with Team Rubicon over the course of a decade while responding to previous disasters. Last week, WBT Director of Safety and Security, Cory Wenter, volunteered with Team Rubicon at one of the refugee relocation sites helping Team Rubicon provide key items such as clothes, hygiene supplies, childcare items and other essentials to the displaced Afghans.  Please see a testimonial of Cory’s experience here.  Team Rubicon not only administers relief to those in need, it does so while providing an outlet for veterans to do meaningful work and continue to serve their country.  If you would like to support Afghan families through Team Rubicon, please click here.  Please note, click on any one of the listed military bases to see the supplies wish list or click on the DONATE button to contribute funds.
  • Support HIAS. For more than 130 years, HIAS has been helping refugees rebuild their lives in safety and dignity, and they are working with affiliate groups across the country to provide direct services to Afghan refugees. For more information about HIAS and ways to support that organization and its local affiliates around the country, including in Southern California, please click here

Please note that this is not a Wilshire Boulevard Temple fundraiser.  Your donations will go directly to Team Rubicon or HIAS.


Almost two millennia ago, Rabbi Tarfon taught, “You are not required to complete the work, but you cannot abstain from it.”

Looking at the world around us, the need can be overwhelming, but our tradition teaches us that inaction is not an option. Tikkun olam, repairing the world around us, is a core value, in fact a commandment, of Judaism.  At Wilshire Boulevard Temple, we strive to bring people together as we engage in meaningful work and experience the pride and warmth of our Jewish community.