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Hosted by Rabbi Susan Nanus and author and Temple member Tom Teicholz, Culture Mavens is your all-access guide to one-of-a-kind experiences related to Judaism meant to entertain, enlighten, and educate. Stay tuned for a new episode every Friday. 
Culture Mavens
Rebecca Walker: This is What Jewish Looks Like

A writer, feminist and activist, Rebecca Walker is the author of Black, White and Jewish: Autobiography of a Shifting Self, her account of growing up as the only child of Jewish civil rights lawyer Mel Leventhal and Black writer Alice Walker. Most recently, she’s an author and designer of the podcast and interactive journal What’s Your Story? A Journal for Everyday Evolution.

Women Inspiring Women: Natalie Portman

The winner of an Oscar and two Golden Globes, Natalie Portman recently released Natalie Portman’s Fables – her debut picture book where three classic fables are retold with wit and wisdom, and is a long-time activist on behalf of animals, anti-poverty initiatives and women’s rights. In conversation with Abigail Pogrebin.

Impudent Jews: Forgotten Individual Jewish Resistance in Nazi Germany

Jewish resistance during the Holocaust is still understood mostly in terms of rare armed group activities which included ghetto uprisings or partisan activities.  This talk will focus on forgotten individual acts of resistance, such as the case of Hertha Reis, who protested in plain daylight against the persecution in 1941-- a few months before the mass deportation started in the capital of the Third Reich. 

Rabbi Leder: The Upsides of Walking Through Hell

In this deep and moving conversation, Rabbi Leder speaks to his good friend Bob Saget. Known to the world as a comedian, actor, television host and director, Bob has powerful, firsthand experience when it comes to death and its meaning for life. Along with Rabbi Leder, his astute observations made with candor, seriousness and laughter offer unique insights into the many ways death teaches us to live more fully.   

Crafting Cartographies -- Mapping LA

UCLA has several pioneering digital projects that map Los Angeles and enable people to visualize and interact with the city’s layered histories of humanity, from sacred burial sites to beloved corner delis. The goal is to share the results of these digital projects; to better understand the city’s cultural and spiritual geographies; and ultimately to explore how this knowledge might inform museum practices.

Picked by Our Mavens:

💭 The Casden Institute 

The Casden Institute supports research that aims to spur dialogue and achieve greater understanding not only about what it means to be Jewish in America but what it means to be American in a pluralistic society.

🎤 The Temple Emanu-El Stricker Center

Part of Manhattan's Temple Emanu-El, this cultural center strives to create  Jewish experiences with compelling classes, seminars, and special events to challenge, inspire, and entertain.

 🌎 Jewish Council for Public Affairs

A compilation of resources across a variety of media -- from curricula to podcasts -- intended to help you educate yourself and your community.

 📚 Los Angeles Review Of Books

Read Tom's Review of Yair Assulin's recently translated book The Drive, available on Amazon

✡️  My Jewish Learning 

A variety of resources for all aspects of Judaism and Jewish life -- from beliefs and practices to food and history.

🎭  Lincoln Center At Home 

Lincoln Center at Home showcases a diverse program of online experiences like daily pop-up classrooms, concerts, and performances by world-class artists.

🎬  ChaiFlix 

Exclusive access to a highly acclaimed library of Jewish and Israeli movies, TV series, and documentaries.

🎨  Arts at AJU 

A Planted Allegory Audio Guide by Artist Jenny Yurshansky is a series of stories about invasive plants deemed as "blacklist."

💻  YIVO Institute for Jewish Research 

Learn about an array of subjects such as Jewish traditions and Yiddish language and literature.