Meditation Classes with Cantor Shapiro

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Meditation Classes with Cantor Shapiro

Live, partially guided meditation, sharing 45 minutes of mindfulness and meditation in the community.

Join Cantor Shapiro, in partnership with Magic Carpet Yoga Studio, for a new series where we will explore the relationship between mindfulness, meditation, and the senses. The Kabbalists (Jewish mystics) associated Tu B'Shvat with our sensory experience. Using their themes as a map, we will travel in and between the 4 mystical worlds: assiyah, the physical world, yetzira, the world of feelings, emotions, bri’ah, the world of intuition, insight, vision and azilut, the world of pure Divine Presence. Sessions are virtual and in-person.

Open to all, no experience needed. This class is led by influences from a spiritual perspective based on both classical and mystical Jewish sources. Please fill out this form to register for classes. 


Kerith Spencer-Shapiro is an ordained cantor at Los Angeles' Wilshire Boulevard Temple. She is a graduate of the Institute for Jewish Spirituality's programs in Clergy Leadership and Jewish Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher Training. Her guided meditations are featured on Insight Timer and have been chosen as picks of the week. 

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